The Working Mind mental health awareness training for staff and faculty

As part of the Mental Health Strategy, Brock is committed to enhancing communication surrounding mental health, reducing stigma and creating a campus that is respectful of diversity and that promotes dignity and respect.

The Working Mind (TWM) is an education-based program designed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a workplace setting. This training is aimed to:

  • ​​​​Improve short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes
  • Reduce barriers to care and encourage early access to care
  • Provide the tools and resources required to manage and support employees who may be experiencing a mental illness
  • Assist supervisors in maintaining their own mental health as well as promoting positive mental health in their employees

The training is provided in two distinct categories:


Manager-level training – offered to academic and administrative leaders first, in order to develop the knowledge and skills needed to have effective dialogue with those that they manage. This equips leaders with the tools to create a safe environment for mental health dialogue and empower supervisors with strategies to support employees through the mental health continuum.

Manager (8-hour course, with a one-hour break): In addition to the topics covered in the primary course, leaders such as Chairs, Directors and Deans acquire tools and skills specific to:

  • Workplace accommodations and return to work
  • The role of leadership in promoting positive mental health in employees
  • Ad hoc incident reviews
  • Early recognition


Employee-level training  – offered to the faculty and staff reporting to those leaders. This equips employees with understanding mental health and mental illness, the impact of stigma and barriers to care, the mental health continuum model, self-care and coping strategies.

Employee course (primary 4-hour course, with a half-hour break): Participants are provided with valuable information, skills, tools and resources specific to:

  • Stigma and barriers to care
  • Health coping strategies
  • Mental toughness

In addition to the MHCC training materials, Human Resources provides participants with a resource package specific to applicable Brock University employee benefits and both local and provincial resources related to mental health. Participants will also receive a Certificate of Participation from the MHCC after completion of the training. Registration for these courses is available on Focus on Learning.

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