September 2023

  • Complete the Equity Census

    Dear students, staff and faculty members of the Brock University community, Brock University is completing its first Equity Census and we need your participation. The six-question, confidential survey will provide an important snapshot of the socio-demographic makeup of the Brock community. Conducting an Equity Census is just one step towards fulfilling Brock’s commitment to “... Continue reading

  • An update on student note-taking via the Glean app

    The Provost’s Office and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) have received concerns from instructors and from the Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA) regarding the use of the Glean note-taking web app for students with approved accommodations. We wanted to provide more information about the app, the safeguards in place to ensure appropriate use, and alternatives ... Continue reading

  • LMS submission option for the student medical self-declaration form

    In February 2022, Brock University Senate approved changes to the Faculty Handbook that removed the requirement for students to present medical notes in certain circumstances. Specifically, the use of the Student Medical Self-Declaration Form removed the requirement for students to present medical notes if they are unwell and unable to complete their academic activities for absences ... Continue reading

  • Changes made to enhance faculty and staff safety on campus

    Following a hate-motivated attack at the University of Waterloo campus on June 28, Brock has reviewed the level of information it makes available to the public on both the course timetable and the faculty and staff directory. The following changes have been made ahead of the start of the Fall term: Course locations no longer appear ... Continue reading