November 2020

  • Extension of holiday break

    Let me begin by thanking you all for your hard work over the course of the last eight months. From the moment Brock University began moving its academic operations online on March 13, you have all demonstrated your resilience and your ability to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. For faculty members and librarians, this has meant ... Continue reading

  • Provost’s report to the 684th meeting of Senate

    It is customary for the the Provost & Vice-President, Academic to provide a report to each meeting of Senate outlining plans, priorities, issues and other news. As these reports are already public through the University Secretariat Office, they will also be shared regularly through this memorandum page. _________________________________________________________ Provost’s Report to Senate – November 18, 2020 Dear Senate ... Continue reading

  • On consultation with faculty members and librarians

    Brock’s experience with COVID over the last eight months has emphasized the importance of collaboration and consultation when making decisions that will have a significant impact on members of the University community. The current context provides an opportunity to reflect upon the Provost Office’s ‘statement of practice’ with respect to consultation, in particular ... Continue reading

  • Launch of survey on institutional pandemic response

    As part of a national study of universities’ crisis management responses in the era of COVID-19, Brock faculty members, librarians and staff will be invited next week to respond to a new survey and share their perspectives. Brock is one of seven universities across Canada participating in this review, which is being conducted by the ... Continue reading

  • Call for nominations: Faculty nominees for Brock Brand Review Steering Committee

    Brock University has been well-served over the years by a commitment to refreshing and renewing its brand position as times, demands and needs change. The University’s previous brand initiatives have provided Brock with a distinct position in the market as it competes for students, faculty, research talent, funding and support. As the post-secondary competitive ... Continue reading