Brock University is an autonomous institution of higher learning and inquiry dedicated to providing a high-quality education to its students (supported by effective support services), to advancing knowledge through research and creativity, and to partnering with those outside the university to further the economic, social and cultural development of our region, province, nation and beyond.

As such, its governing bodies, administration, faculty and staff are accountable to our students, to the larger academic world that together advances knowledge, to the members of the communities that encompass us, and to the elected governments and agencies that provide significant financial support for what we do.

The Senate of the University is charged with assuring the quality of our academic activities. Our Board of Trustees bears responsibility for all aspects of our operations and is comprised in large part of volunteers from the community charged with ensuring that the University honours its public trust. Our programs are regularly evaluated by external assessors and organizations with the requisite expertise and authority.

The research carried out at Brock is evaluated by reviewers of scholarly publishers and by granting agencies that financially support our research. We operate under research ethics policies established by various agencies, and our compliance with these policies are regularly monitored. Our financial affairs are subject to audits of various sorts. We report on many aspects of our operation to the provincial government.

Our students evaluate their educational experience, including through participation in national and international surveys that allow Brock to be benchmarked against other universities in Canada and the United States. The results of these processes are available as a matter of public record, and most are accessible through the University’s website.


Chabriol Colebatch
University Secretary

Rick Guenther
Director, Institutional Analysis

Joshua Tonnos
Associate Vice-President, Finance