Quality assurance documents

In 2010 Brock University Senate adopted the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV) guidelines for University undergraduate and graduate degree-level expectations (DLE). Adoption of the DLEs serves as the base-line standards for all programs at universities in Ontario, while allowing individual universities, faculties and programs to customize them for their use.

Following Dr. Richard Van Loon’s review of the quality assurance process for graduate programs, COU initiated a new, single system, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate programs, that devolved academic quality assurance to individual institutions, under the oversight of the Ontario Universities Council for Quality Assurance (The Quality Council).

To implement and guide this process, COU developed a Quality Assurance Framework, outlining the quality assurance process which guided the development of an “Institutional Quality Assurance Process” or IQAP document customizing the process for each university. The initial Brock IQAP was approved by the Quality Council and the Brock Senate in May and June 2011, respectively. Subsequently, a revised IQAP was approved by the Quality Council and Senate in March and June of 2016.

In addition to approving institutional IQAPs, every eight years the Quality Council undertakes an audit of each university on their compliance with their IQAP. Brock was audited in the spring of 2013 and the Quality Council produced an Audit Report. One year later, Brock submitted a “One-Year Follow-up Institutional Response on the Auditor’s Report”, documenting progress in implementing the audit recommendations. Finally, the Quality Council auditors developed a “Summary of Auditor’s Report” assessing the scope and adequacy of Brock’s one-year response to the audit.

The quality assurance process now in place promotes a consistent, transparent and accountable approach for all university programs in Ontario.