Personal Counselling for Students: Information for faculty and staff

The University as a number of resources available to students who are seeking counselling or who are in distress. These are listed below for the reference of faculty members and staff who may be approached with questions about these services.


How can students access Personal Counselling?
Booking an appointment can be done 24/7. Students call 1-833-276-2533 to schedule an in-person appointment. Counselling is provided at Brock by LifeWorks.


24/7 Urgent Crisis Counselling
Students in crisis can speak to a counsellor immediately 24/7 by calling
1-833-276-2533 (001.416.382.3257 when outside of North America).


24/7 support via telephone or text chat using the My SSP app for Android or iOS.


How can I help as a faculty or staff member?
Facilitate students’ connection to Personal Counselling through an Assisted Referral.

Step 1:
Obtain verbal permission from the student to dial 1-833-276-2533 on their behalf

Step 2:
Briefly explain the reason for the call and hand the phone to the student

Step 3:
Leave the room so the student can speak privately with the counsellor

Personal Counselling also provides direct support to those front-line staff who work directly with students via its Staff and Faculty Consultation service. This is an opportunity for you, as a staff or faculty member, to consult with a clinical expert on a particular student issue. You can speak with a counsellor who can give you guidance on how best to manage difficult student situations.


Consultative Support for Staff and Faculty
Example when staff or faculty would call for support:
• Supporting distressed or distressing students
• Responding to a student inquiry about an undesirable grade
• Addressing a student conduct issue with a student
• Discussing sensitive health topics, e.g. sexual health
• Supporting withdrawn or isolated students


How can front-line staff access this consultation service?
It’s easy! Just dial 1-833-BROCK-33 (24/7) and request a staff and faculty consultation with a counsellor.

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