Calvin Pietron – Exit Blog, Marketing, Communications, and Event Coordinator

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: 

The Centre for Sport Capacity (CSC) is an excellent organization that benefits various communities, associations, and students such as myself. 

For those who missed my introductory blog, my name is Calvin Pietron, I’m currently in the fourth year of my Sport Management degree at Brock University. During the Fall 2022 term, I served as the Marketing, Communications, and Event Coordinator (Intern) for the CSC where I expanded my knowledge in a variety of operational areas. 

The integration of what I previously learned throughout my sport management degree played a large part in what I accomplished with the CSC. Key areas I learned in the classroom, such as event management, marketing, and business communications, translated into real-world applications across all aspects of my internship role, particularly through the various events the CSC holds throughout the year. Each of these three operational areas gave me the hard and soft skills to propel my professional career. 

Through marketing, I developed copy and creative hard skills while being responsible for the creation of visual designs using the Canva software. On the other hand, copywriting was a constant theme throughout my internship. The copy created for the CSC was a big change for me switching from academic forms of formal writing to business style short form writing including anything written on the CSC website, social media, or and other digital assets. Throughout my internship, I created over 30 social media posts between the CSC’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles which generated an additional 24 new followers in the short time frame. 

I developed my interpersonal skills through communications via numerous emails, meetings, and networking opportunities. Email communications occurred daily with an average of 50 or more per day. I was able to demonstrate proper email etiquette to industry, community partners, and stakeholders and leverage this knowledge when networking to gain insight on a potential future job, or simply advertise to others my accomplishments and skills in an area.  

Through event management, I managed my own events with the help of colleagues, and a professional Event Planner in the industry. I was a part of four total events for the CSC in the areas of pre-event planning, day-of event management, and post-event. 

The most exciting event I was able to be part of was the ‘72 Summit Series 50th Anniversary Event which featured a film screening, expert panel discussion, and book signing. The movie Ice Breaker: The 72 Summit Series was based partly on the book Ice War Diplomat. My duties working with the CSC on this event included the communications and social media strategy (SMS) to promote the event using the CSC’s website, email communications, and social media platforms. I was also a part of “day-of” logistical solutions for the event, which was held at The Film House in downtown St. Catharines, including setup and tear-down for items required during the panel discussion. Overall, by managing the event from start to finish, I learned how to effectively manage an event and the different processes involved.  

Looking back on all the events and experiences I achieved working with the CSC, I was able to understand the office-style work environment as it was a welcomed change. Most importantly, I have developed real-world skills employers are actively looking for. I now know what it takes to work as a team effectively, be a better communicator, and set goals for what I want to accomplish short & long term. 

I truly valued my last four months working for the CSC. I would like to thank my educator Dr. Julie Stevens, Director of the CSC, and colleague Grace Nelson, Coordinator at the CSC for their ongoing collaboration and knowledge translation. I encourage anyone looking to become a community partner or work for the CSC to look no further than their website. 


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