The Centre for Sport Capacity reviews and generates a variety of resources for partners – small and large – across local, provincial and national levels. Our membership and connections of industry professionals and  academics brings a diverse range of knowledge to support knowledge mobilization through public, open-access resources, such as those shared on this section of our website.

Safe Sport

  • The Safe Sport Portal provides valuable resources to maximize the impact of the safe sport movement
  • The Safe Sport Edited Book is now available!

Open Resources

  • Researchers at Brock are at the forefront of research to help improve sport organizations across Canada.
  • They disseminate this information through Webinars and Reports

Ontario Curriculum [Secondary] E-Learning Resources

  • Designed with teachers in mind, these modules integrate sport across multiple curriculum areas including science, history, business, social justice, and health and physical education.
  • To learn about this unique content and access our open access post-secondary curriculum e-resources, please visit this page.