Community Researchers

As the official sport and recreation education partner of Community Researchers (CR), the Centre for Sport Capacity is proud to foster our mutual desire with CR to establish a vibrant cooperative collaboration. Together we connect students with potential research opportunities for nonprofit sport and recreation organizations. 

Brock University students, supervised by CSC Members, work alongside CR experts and sport and recreation leaders to develop and execute complimentary research projects that provide insightful evidence-based reports to help them build capacity in their organizations. Students gain unique experience outside of the classroom while volunteering or formally integrating their work into a course credit. No matter how students get involved with the CSC, it is a valuable learning experience. 

The Centre for Sport Capacity is proud to showcase the students who have collaborated with CR. The Community improvement research reports are outlined below. 

Assessing the Intent of Sport Facilities becoming Greener

Client: CARHA Hockey
Lead Researcher: Kailey Webster
CSC Advisor: Dr. Martha Barnes, Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies

CARHA Hockey Infographic

CARHA Hockey Green Intent Report


Client: Canadian Girls Baseball
Lead Researcher: Mandisa Lau
CSC Advisor: Dr. Corliss Bean, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

2022 Canadian Girls Baseball Infographic

2022 Canadian Girls Baseball Survey Report


Client: Play-On!  
Lead Researcher: Ryan Hyndman
CSC Advisor: Dr. Julie Stevens, Department of Sport Management

Play-On! Infographic

2021 Play On! Canada Economic and Social Impact Study

2021 Parks and Recreation Opinion Survey

ClientParks and Recreation Ontario 
Lead Researchers: Bobby Dhaliwal & Ryan Hyndman
CSC AdvisorDr. Michael Van Bussel & Dr. Julie Stevens, Department of Sport Management

2021 Parks and Recreation Ontario Report

2021 Port Hope Youth Needs Project

ClientMunicipality of Port Hope 
Lead ResearcherCaroline Hummel 
CSC AdvisorDr. Corliss BeanDepartment of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Port Hope Youth Needs Infographic

Municipality of Port Hope Youth Needs Report

Building A Case for the Varsity Mental Health Coordinator

Client: Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative (SAMHI)
Lead Researcher: Tess Armstrong
CSC AdvisorDr. Corliss BeanDepartment of Recreation and Leisure Studies

SAMHI Infographic

SAMHI Community Improvement Program Report

Community Researchers is a non-profit organization connecting young researchers with experienced mentors to conduct important community projects.  

If you are interested in becoming a Student Researcher for a CSC-CR initiative, then please submit your information through this intake form. Be sure to note you are interested in the CSC-CR research opportunities in the comment box.