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Sarah (Xiaoxia) Tan

“Thanks to my work at the CSC, I’ve been able to sharpen my video and design editing skills and create work that I’m genuinely proud of, such as this video and the design portion of the CSC Magazine. It’s been an amazing opportunity, and I can’t wait to see where this takes me next!”  

   Sarah Tan, SPMA – Student Intern Winter 2023

Selena Racco

“While working at the CSC, I was able to work in an environment where I explored my creativity, while being provided opportunities to work on a variety of design projects. The exposure to these diverse projects allowed for me to get feedback from experienced workers and access design tools and resources that led to my skill development. I am really proud of my design for our Member Monday’s social media campaign.”  

Selena Racco, COMM – Placement Student Fall & Winter 2023

Calvin Pietron

“Interning with The Centre for Sport Capacity was a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally. My colleagues were always willing to listen to my ideas and incorporate them into our team’s strategy, which made me feel like a valued member of the team. As a result, I was able to develop my existing skills in marketing, communications and event management, while also learning from the experiences and insights of my colleagues.”

Calvin Pietron, SPMA – Student Intern Fall 2022

“The Centre for Sport Capacity has helped me to gain the necessary tools to work with clients from project inception to conclusion. The CSC has been an amazing environment to hone my skills that will have a lasting impact on my career.”

Liam Miller, MBA – Placement Student 2020

“Due to the valuable skills and insight that I gained from my placement I would highly recommend that future students consider the Centre for Sport Capacity.”

Matt Kapogines, SPMA – Placement Student Fall 2020

“What I learned working at the CSC is stuff that I will be able to take with me everywhere I go in the future.”

Tyler Foss, GEO & TOUR – Student Intern Fall & Winter 2020

man with a headset

“I believe that the tools and skills I developed throughout my time with the Centre will help me in every aspect in my future career.”

TJ Paul, SPMA – Placement Student Summer 2020

“To be involved in planning an event that focused on women in sports meant the world to me. I am very thankful that I was able to have this memorable experience.” 

Kaitlyn Lehbert, SPMA – Volunteer Fall 2019