The Centre for Sport Capacity was thrilled to host a public screening of Ice-Breaker The ’72 Summit Series in partnership with the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre and The Film House. This unique inspiring feature documentary from Robbie Hart is based, in part, on Ice War Diplomat written by Gary J. Smith.

A film viewing, expert panel discussion, and book signing was hosted on Saturday November 19th, at the Film House in the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre. Several dozen hockey fans braved a snowstorm and we had a fantastic panel discussion about the importance of understanding sport from an interdisciplinary perspective and how sport intersects with areas including history, culture, politics and business.

The panel, including Robbie Hart and Gary J. Smith alongside Dr. Taylor McKee, Dr. Julie Stevens, and Dr. Elizabeth Vlossak (Moderator), challenged us to reflect on the changing role of sport in our society, while also providing some behind the scenes information to the Hockey Summit and what it takes to produce a film.