Services and Programs

Beyond the research-based work that we do, the Centre for Sport Capacity is excited to announce our plans to expand our offerings to include consulting services, professional development, and training development services for corporate, public, and nonprofit groups.

It’s important to note that these services will be for all organizations of any kind, whether related to sport or not. We will simply be using sport to provide these services in a unique and engaging way.

Currently, this is in the planning stage, though we have begun to offer some exciting opportunities that we will continue to expand in the future.

Sport Support Team

Winter 2022

This new initiative will include a small group of enthusiastic and committed student volunteers who will provide practical support to sport organizations that are rebuilding after the pandemic. Team members will also have the opportunity to build meaningful connections and make a positive change in the community. 

Sport Conference Day

May 17th, 2022

This day will consist of a keynote speaker, workshops and a student panel to provide insight into the business components of the sports industry. This experience is open to all students and will address potential career paths students may wish to pursue. It will also allow for students in the Sport and Business SHSM Programs to receive many of their SHSM requirements.

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