Services and Programs

Beyond the research-based work that we do, the Centre for Sport Capacity is excited to announce our plans to expand our offerings to include consulting services, professional development, and training development services for corporate, public, and nonprofit groups.

It’s important to note that these services will be for all organizations of any kind, whether related to sport or not. We will simply be using sport to provide these services in a unique and engaging way.

Currently, this is in the planning stage, though be sure to check back here regularly for updates and to be the first to learn when we launch our offerings.

Consulting Services

[Coming Soon]

Based on our underlying commitment to offering practical support and knowledge mobilization, the Centre for Sport Capacity is looking to offer Consulting Services in the near future. If you and your organization, whether you are in the governmental, profit, or nonprofit sectors, are seeking help related to your operations, programming, and services, then please contact us.

Professional Development

[Coming Soon]

We hope to offer opportunities for leaders, professional groups, and organizations to improve their communication, cooperation, and leadership skills. In the future, we hope to offer team building workshops based around participation in sport.

Training Development

[Coming Soon]

In the future we hope to offer opportunities for members of sport organizations, students, and industry leaders and practitioners to receive training in core competencies related to various functional areas within sport and other domains.

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