Personal Counselling Services

Personal Counselling Services (PCS) is one of three student-focused services provided through the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre. We are pleased to announce that Brock University will now be partnering with Morneau Shepell, Canadian leaders in counselling support, to provide Personal Counselling Services to Brock students.

Located in Brock Personal Counselling ST 400, Morneau Shepell counsellors will deliver in person counselling sessions to students by appointment and 24/7 urgent phone counselling, students can call 1 833 BROCK 33.  Counselling is offered at no cost to the student and aims to support the well-being and retention of students by complimenting existing resources. Personal Counselling integrates with existing campus resources, and is completely confidential within the limits of the law. This service is also available to students at the Hamilton Campus who can either access personal counselling by phone or at the nearby Morneau Shepell Office.

Example reasons for students to contact Personal Counselling:

  • Difficulty adjusting to their student life
  • Worries about upcoming exams or disappointment with academic performance
  • Procrastination and building time management skills
  • Tensions with family members, friends, or roommates
  • Concerns or uncertainty about their post-graduation plans