“Completing an MA in philosophy at Brock was an immensely rewarding experience for me. The diverse interests of the faculty and students made for a lively and challenging environment, and I found myself well prepared to move on to other graduate studies and academic pursuits. The comparative nature of Brock’s program lends itself well to the interdisciplinary space I occupy now as a professional, and I often reference the concepts I was introduced to as a Brock philosophy student.”

— Kevin Krumrei, MA, MI

“The MA in Philosophy at Brock University is a program that provides the tools, not only to excel and advance in academia, but in life in general. The dedication and breadth of knowledge of the Philosophy department’s faculty allows for students to tackle a large variety of projects in the realms of Eastern and Continental Philosophy that are scarcely available at other institutions. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in Eastern or Continental thought, as the program not only expands the mind, but also provides a sense of community for those who take part in it.”

— Daryl Wakunick, MA

“Brock Universities MA program in Philosophy provided me with an experience only possible in such a unique program. The individual care and attention I received from the professors, as well as their skill and dedication to their work and students meant that I could hone in on my studies while not worrying about being abandoned by my professors. Brock’s focus on individual student needs meant my journey through the MA program was smooth and mostly without trouble. The program offered a variety of courses in both Eastern and Western philosophy, and stressed the importance of research, seminars and having a keen and observing analysis of primary and secondary source material. Brock’s program also offered the unique opportunity to experience once in a lifetime conferences around the world. Brock’s excellence in providing this education allowed me to transition well into the working world and more recently into a career in law. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, call Brock’s unparalleled and wholly unique program a necessary step in furthering an academic or business career, and would without hesitation recommend it to my peers and students.”

— Ryan Moir, MA