Graduate program

Program Description

The Master’s program focuses on three areas: recent and contemporary Continental and Asian thought, as well as Comparative philosophy. The program also accommodates the rise in importance of post-structuralist continental thinkers. Such inclusions indicate the type of dynamic rapport the Department wishes to keep with the wider philosophical community. Consequently, the majority of courses offered in any one year will be selected from one of our specializations.


The Brock Philosophy Master of Arts program is the only program in Canada where students may study Eastern philosophy and Contemporary Continental thought.

We offer a full range of courses in the Continental tradition. Some universities that specialize in Continental Philosophy do not offer the same breadth of courses that we do.

Faculty members are devoted mentors. We provide a nurturing and caring environment for graduate students.

There are two paths to choose from in completing the MA degree requirements: the Major Research Paper option (normally completed five terms) and the Thesis option (normally completed in six terms).

Why choose Brock

  • Brock is the only university in Canada to offer a Master of Arts in philosophy with an emphasis in Eastern Thought. We are also the only university in Canada that specializes in East/West Comparative philosophy.
  • Brock is one of the few schools in Canada to offer graduate courses on the full range of Continental philosophy. We regularly offer courses and tutorials on the following schools of thought: Phenomenology, existentialism, structuralism, post-structuralism, critical theory etc.
  • We offer a terminal Master of Arts in philosophy; we do not offer a PhD. Faculty members are therefore able to devote their full time and attention to supervising a Master of Arts student’s project.