Certificates and Minors

Faculty of Humanities: Department of Dramatic Arts

Certificates and Minors

Minor in Dramatic Arts

Brock University offers a teaching and learning community that prides itself on intellectual and creative curiosity. We encourage our students to investigate the intellectual, creative and pedagogical pathways across our programming.

Whether you have a passion for the theatre or a curiosity about the dramatic arts, are majoring in programs as diverse as Child and Youth Studies, Linguistics, English, Business, Physical Education and Kinesiology, or Public Health, the Department of Dramatic Arts will have courses that complement your program and area of interest.

A Minor in Dramatic Arts is an excellent way to continue your participation in performance events and studies that you may have enjoyed in High School.  If you are interested in becoming a teacher after your B.A., a Minor in Dramatic Arts that focuses on Drama in Education and Applied Theatre courses is invaluable. Courses in performance and praxis will also give you a leading competitive edge if you are pursuing Majors where a high degree of team performance or public interaction are involved, such as programs in business, sports, or public health.

Some examples of complementary Dramatic Arts courses include:

For Majors that demand success in public speaking and presentation:  DART 1P99, 2F50, 2P11, or 3P11

For Majors in literature, cultural studies, contemporary  and critical theory: DART 1F93, 2F94, 3F94, 2P92, 2P96, 2P97, 3P14, 3P90, 3P92, or 4F90

For Majors that involve education and public animation, community engagement or play building: DART 1F95, 2P01, 2P02, 3F76, 3F77, 3F98, 3P03, 3P04, 3P05, or 3P08

For Majors in the plastic, virtual, and applied arts that involve media transformations and production processes: DART 1P97, 2F41, 2P70 or 3F61

Students in other disciplines may obtain a Minor in Dramatic Arts by successfully completing the following courses with a minimum 60 percent overall average:
- DART 1F93 or DART 1F95
- three DART credits

Take a Minor in Dramatic Arts and expand your horizons of learning.

Please note that some courses have prerequisites and limited enrolment. 
See the Academic Calendar for more information and download a copy of the DART Minor program infosheet (screenshot above right).

Certificate in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre

The Certificate in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre would be of particular interest to social workers, drama therapists, psycho-therapists, prison counselors, people who train volunteers, personnel managers, union organizers and market consultants who wish to add to existing qualifications or to acquire courses which might later be applied to a degree. Studies include the development of skills, such as assessing and evaluating what is perceived, generating ideas, making connections, predicting outcomes, empathizing, abstracting the core from the periphery, questioning, accommodating and compromising and self-presentation. University admission standards apply.

The certificate is awarded upon completion of the following courses with a minimum 60 percent overall average:
- DART 1F95
- DART 2P01, 2P02 and 3P03
- two and one-half credits from DART 3F93, 3F98, 3P04, 3P05, 3P08, 3P09


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