OAME Golden Section Spring Conference comes to Brock on April 19

Ahead by a Century . . . Strategies for Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

The Golden Section of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education is bringing it’s Golden Section Spring Conference to Brock on April 19 in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Science and Department of Mathematics.

The Conference will focus on strategies for keeping on the cutting edge when it comes to mathematics education.

Registration takes place at 3:45 in Welch Hall, with sessions running from 4 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. followed by dinner at 7 p.m. at Alphie’s Trough.

Registration is $20.00 for OAME members, $25.00 for non-members and $10 for Faculty of Education Students. Dinner tickets are $25. Participants can on the OAME webiste (www.oame.on.ca/mcis). To register, sign in and click on Choose Conference. Select Online Registration for Golden Mini-Conference 2018. If you have questions regarding registration, please e-mail liisa.suurtamm@dsbn.org. For any other questions, contact elizabeth.pattison@dsbn.org or laura.cronshaw@ncdsb.com. For more details you can also view the full Conference poster.

Session A: 4:00pm – 5:15pm

A1: Teaching Mathematics Through Inquiry/Project Based Learning
Presenter: Gillian Berard & Mary Vetere, NCDSB

A2: The Great Escape!
Presenter: Laura Cronshaw & Jaime Rootes, NCDSB

A3: How Problem Solving Supports Differentiated Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom
Presenter: Melissa Wigglesworth & Kim Cruise, NCDSB

A3.14: Special Education Through the Lens of the Renewed Mathematics Strategy
Presenter: Anthony DiToro, NCDSB

A4: Creating a Thinking Classroom . . . One Step at a Time
Presenters: Tricia Brenneman, Elizabeth Pattison, DSBN

A5: Ideas for MAT 1LK and MAT 2LK
Presenter: Pamela Chun, DSBN

A6: A Fresh Look at Diagnostic Assessments (Grade 9)
Presenter: Jeff Martin, NCDSB

A7: I Want to Learn Geogebra . . . Help!!!
Presenter: Angelo Lillo, DSBN

Session B: 5:30pm – 6:45pm

B1: Mathematics Through a Leadership Lens
Presenter: Chris Moscato, NCDSB

B2: Fractions in Pieces
Presenters: Susan Ume, NCDSB

B3: Growth Mindset in the Primary Mathematics Classroom
Presenters: Luana Kent, NCDSB

B4: Creating a Thinking Classroom . . . One Step at a Time
Presenters: Tricia Brenneman & Elizabeth Pattison , DSBN

B5: Strands? Expectations? Categories? How Do I Record Marks When I Spiral With Activities?
Presenters: Alison Pridham & Deanna Ward , DSBN

B6: Breaking Away from a Workbook in MEL3E/4E
Presenter: Danielle Grebenc, DSBN

B7: MCF3M – The Middle Child
Presenter: Jennifer Corbett, DSBN

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