Sample Questions - Periodic Table Questions

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Sample Questions - Periodic Table Questions


Assessment Test

Sample Questions:The Periodic Table

1. How many valence electrons are there in an atom of silicon?

2. How many protons , electrons and neutrons does the ion     contain?

3. What is the symbol for the element manganese?

4. What is the name of the element whose symbol is K?

5. Which of the following atoms is largest: Na, K, Mg, Ca?

6. Which of the following ions is largest: Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+?

7. Which of the following elements is most likely to form a -2 ion? Ca, Fe, C, S, Br

8. Which of the following elements is/are diatomic gases at ordinary temperature and pressure?

neon, sodium, oxygen, bromine, carbon

9. What is the period number and the group number for the element iodine?

10. Which element is easiest to ionize (has the lowest first ionization energy)?

sodium, potassium magnesium, calcium, fluorine


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