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IASC 1F01 Foundations of Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 1F02 Being Human in a Digital World
IASC 1P00 Introduction to Media Computation
IASC 1P01 Fluency With Technology
IASC 1P02 Web Media Production
IASC 1P03 Makerspace Foundations
IASC 1P04 New Media and Games
IASC 1P05 Games, Genres and Aesthetics
IASC 1P06 History and Future of Storytelling
IASC 1P10 Introduction to Media Tools
IASC 1P30 Programming for Interactive Media
IASC 1P50 Integrity and Literacy in the Information Age
IASC 1P93 Applied Programming
IASC 1P95 Digital Foundation
IASC 1P96 Studio Foundation
IASC 1P99 The Culture of Noise
IASC 1Q98 Introduction to Visual Culture
IASC 1Q99 Contemporary Issues in The History of Western Art
IASC 2F27 Historical Geographic Information Systems
IASC 2P01 Foundations of Project Management
IASC 2P02 Solving Problems through Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 2P03 Interaction and Interface Design
IASC 2P04 Ludology
IASC 2P05 Game Design Paradigms
IASC 2P06 3D Objects, Environments and Visualization
IASC 2P07 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies
IASC 2P08 Competencies in Interactive Arts and Science
IASC 2P11 Personal Computers and Networks
IASC 2P12 Digital Ethics
IASC 2P15 Speculative Fiction
IASC 2P25 Revolutions in Communication
IASC 2P28 Persuasive Discourse: Theoretical Foundations
IASC 2P50 Myth, Mutation and Transformation
IASC 2P70 Introduction to Literary Theory
IASC 2P89 Internet Technologies
IASC 2P90 Networks, Digital Identities and Interactions
IASC 2P91 Social Media
IASC 2P93 Critical Practice in the Fine and Performing Arts
IASC 2P94 Embodied Text: Art Beyond the Artifact
IASC 2P97 Digital Video in Contemporary Art
IASC 2P98 Intermedia
IASC 2P99 Introduction to Sound Design in Contemporary Art
IASC 2Q90 Digital Archives: Construction, Scholarship and Functionality
IASC 2Q95 Introduction to Interactive Media
IASC 3F01 Digital Document Production
IASC 3F02 Interactive Media Practices, Prototyping and Production
IASC 3F91 Innovations in Advanced Digital Media
IASC 3F92 Best Practices in Instructional Design
IASC 3F93 Project Collaborations Across Diverse Programs
IASC 3F95 Advanced Internship in Interactive Media
IASC 3F96 Advanced Internship in Game Design
IASC 3P01 Media Transformations in the Creative Arts
IASC 3P02 Publishing for New Literacies
IASC 3P03 Prototyping with Micro Controllers and Mobile Technologies
IASC 3P04 Immersion and Simulation
IASC 3P05 Geographic Information Systems
IASC 3P06 Game Criticism
IASC 3P10 Advanced Video Art
IASC 3P11 Motion Capture Studio
IASC 3P14 Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
IASC 3P15 Virtual Selves
IASC 3P28 Rhetorical Analysis
IASC 3P36 Digital Innovations: History and Computing I
IASC 3P37 Digital Innovations: History and Computing II
IASC 3P39 Contemporary Literature in English
IASC 3P45 Game Music
IASC 3P73 Creative Writing for Digital Media
IASC 3P90 Advanced Topics in Digital Culture
IASC 3P92 Technology and Culture
IASC 3P93 Interpreting Heritage with Digital Technology
IASC 3P94 Human Computer Interaction
IASC 3P95 Internship in Interactive Media
IASC 3P96 Level Design for Games and Immersive Media
IASC 3P97 Interactive Media Portfolio
IASC 3P98 Directed Studies
IASC 3P99 Directed Project
IASC 3Q90 Competencies in Game Design
IASC 3Q92 Advanced Internship in Interactive Media Project
IASC 3Q98 The Psychology of Screens
IASC 3Q99 Advanced Sound Design
IASC 4F01 Honour’s Thesis
IASC 4F03 Team-based Practicum in Game Design and Production
IASC 4L00 Collaborative Practicum in Interactive Media Design and Production
IASC 4P01 Creating Social Value from Material Culture
IASC 4P02 Video Game Research and Development
IASC 4P62 Video Games in the Classroom
IASC 4P72 High and Low Art: Intersections, Exchanges and Flows
IASC 4V70 2022-2023: Advanced Topics in Game Design
IASC 4V70-4V79 Advanced Studies in Interactive Arts and Science
IENG 1P01 Fundamentals of Engineering Design
IENG 2P01 Manufacturing Processes
IENG 2P02 Computer-aided Design
IENG 2P03 Electric and Electronic Circuits
IENG 2P04 Modelling of Engineered Systems
IENG 2P05 Engineering Mechanics
IENG 2P10 Fluid Mechanics
IENG 2P11 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
IENG 2P12 Applied Artificial Intelligence
IENG 2P13 Digital Systems
IENG 3P01 Sustainable Engineering of Future Cities
IENG 3P02 Renewable and Clean Energy
IENG 3P03 Transportation
IENG 3P04 Mechanics of Materials
IENG 3P05 Project Management
IENG 3P06 Computer Simulation of Engineered Systems
IENG 3P10 Healthy Communities
IENG 3P11 Applied Machine Learning
IENG 3P12 Automation and Robotics
IENG 3P13 Sensors and Actuators
IENG 3P14 Biomedical Devices
IENG 4F00 Integrated Engineering Capstone Design Project
IENG 4P01 Ethics, Law, and Professionalism for Engineers
IENG 4P02 Technology Entrepreneurship
IENG 4P03 Nanotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
IENG 4P04 Cybersecurity
IENG 4P05 Real-time and Embedded Systems
IENG 4P06 Water Resources Management
IENG 4P07 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
IENG 4P08 Building Information Modelling (BIM)
IENG 4P09 Biosensors
IENG 4P10 Internet of Things (IoT)
IENG 4P11 Intelligent Control
IENG 4P12 Environmental Design for Waste Disposal
IENG 4P13 Mechatronic System Design
IENG 4P14 Nanotechnology in Energy Systems
IENG 4P15 Digital Engineering
IENG 4P16 Environmental Engineering
IENG 4P17 Data Mining
INDG 1F01 Introduction to Mohawk
INDG 1F03 Introduction to Cayuga
INDG 1F20 Introduction to Nishnawbe Languages
INDG 1F90 Introduction to Indigenous Studies
INDG 1F94 The Traditional Indigenous Family
INDG 1P22 Technology in Indigenous Community
INDG 2F01 Intermediate Mohawk
INDG 2F14 Decolonizing Indigenous Women's Identities
INDG 2F20 Intermediate Nishnawbe Languages
INDG 2F40 Indigenous Creative Arts
INDG 2F70 Sharing Our Stories as an Approach to History
INDG 2F80 Introduction to Indigenous Education in Canada
INDG 2F91 Studies in Haudenosaunee History
INDG 2F95 Indigenous Culture and Early Childhood Education
INDG 2F96 Studies in Indigenous Culture I
INDG 2F97 Studies in Haudenosaunee Culture
INDG 2F98 Studies in Indigenous Culture II
INDG 2M90-2M95 Studies in Indigenous History
INDG 2M96-2M99 Studies in Indigenous Culture
INDG 2P03 Intermediate Cayuga I
INDG 2P04 Intermediate Cayuga II
INDG 2P17 Reclaiming Indigenous Women's Literary Traditions
INDG 2P50 Indigenous Spirituality I
INDG 2P51 Indigenous Spirituality II
INDG 2P90 Pre-Confederation Indigenous History
INDG 2P91 Post-Confederation Indigenous History
INDG 2P94 Introduction to Grammar for Teaching Indigenous Languages
INDG 2P95 Contemporary Canadian Indigenous Theatre for Non-majors
INDG 2P96 Contemporary Canadian Indigenous Theatre
INDG 3F01 Advanced Mohawk
INDG 3F03 Advanced Cayuga
INDG 3F90 Studies in Indigenous History I
INDG 3F91 Studies in Indigenous History II
INDG 3P25 Land, Body, and Sovereignty – Indigenous Perspectives
INDG 3P30 Indigenous Research Methodologies I
INDG 3P35 Indigenous Research Methodologies II
INDG 3P47 Indigenous Women's Literature: Activism and Empowerment
INDG 3P69 Critical Perspectives in Indigenous Criminalization
INDG 3P79 Indigenous Film
INDG 3P81 Indigenous Mothering and Motherhood: Historical and Contemporary Realities
INDG 3P84 Indigenous Human Rights
INDG 3P85 Indigenous Perspectives in the Media
INDG 3P86 Indigenous Peoples in Global Perspective
INDG 3P95 Materials Development for Language Teaching
INDG 3Q90 Indigenous Cultural Production and Activism
INDG 3Q97 Indigenous Feminisms
INDG 4F01 The Haudenosaunee Spirit
INDG 4P36 Indigenous Survivance and Sovereignty
INDG 4P76 Indigenous Social and Political Thought
INDG 4P84 Indigenous Peoples and Social Justice: Contemporary Issues
INDG 4P91 Contemporary Indigenous Performance I
INDG 4P92 Contemporary Indigenous Performance II
ITAL 1F00 Introductory Italian
ITAL 1F90 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 1P91 Italian for International Exchange Students
ITAL 1P96 Italian Culture and Civilization
ITAL 2P00 Language, Literature and Culture
ITAL 2P01 Oral Italian Workshop
ITAL 2P90 Translation and Language Practice
ITAL 2P91 Italian Cinema
ITAL 2P92 Early to High Renaissance Art and Architecture
ITAL 2P94 Linguistic and Cultural Regionalism in Italy
ITAL 2P95 Modern Culture and Civilization
ITAL 2P96 Italian Culture and Society
ITAL 2P97 History of the Early Roman Empire
ITAL 2P98 Italian-Canadian Culture
ITAL 2P99 Medieval and Renaissance Tales
ITAL 2Q90 Digital Archives: Construction, Scholarship and Functionality
ITAL 2Q93 Immigrants and Indigenous Peoples: The Case of Italian-Canadians
ITAL 2Q95 Queer Stories in Italy and the West
ITAL 2Q96 History of the Roman Republic
ITAL 3F50 Reading the Italian Medieval and Renaissance City
ITAL 3M20-3M24 Special Topics in Italian
ITAL 3P02 Black Italy: Shifts in Italian Cultural Identity
ITAL 3P09 The Later Roman Empire
ITAL 3P22 Art and Architecture of the Roman Republic and Early Empire
ITAL 3P23 Art and Architecture of the Roman Empire
ITAL 3P92 Petrarch and Boccaccio
ITAL 3P93 Dante's Inferno
ITAL 3P94 Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature in Translation
ITAL 3Q90 Translating and Interpreting in the Community: An Internship
ITAL 3Q91 Grammar, Composition and Conversation
ITIS 1P97 Data Analysis and Business Modelling
ITIS 2P51 Introduction to Information Systems
ITIS 2P91 Management of Information Systems and Technology
ITIS 3P31 Data Visualization and Intelligence
ITIS 3P41 Storage and Retrieval of Big Data
ITIS 3P91 Quantitative Methods for Information Systems
ITIS 3P92 Information Assurance
ITIS 3P98 Fundamentals of Database Design and Management
ITIS 4F90 Research Topic
ITIS 4P21 Introduction to Business Analytics
ITIS 4P22 e-Business Applications
ITIS 4P23 Advanced Business Analytics
ITIS 4P25 Systems Analysis and Design
ITIS 4P26 Supply Chain Management
ITIS 4P91 Research Topic
ITIS 4V90-4V99 Topics in Information Systems