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VISA 1P20 Investigating Photography
VISA 1P93 Introduction to Drawing
VISA 1P94 Figure Drawing
VISA 1P95 Digital Foundation
VISA 1P96 Studio Foundation
VISA 1P99 The Culture of Noise
VISA 1Q98 Introduction to Visual Culture
VISA 1Q99 Contemporary Issues in The History of Western Art
VISA 2F05 Introduction to Sculpture
VISA 2M90-2M99 Special Studies in Studio
VISA 2P03 Painting Fundamentals
VISA 2P04 Figurative Painting
VISA 2P26 Photography: Camera and Darkroom Process
VISA 2P27 Introduction to Digital Photography
VISA 2P41 Power and Politics: Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe
VISA 2P50 Canadian Identities: Art and Visual Culture in Canada Before 1960
VISA 2P51 Contemporary Issues in Canadian Visual Culture
VISA 2P53 The History of Photography
VISA 2P61 Website Creation
VISA 2P88 Introduction to Contemporary Art: Twenty-first Century
VISA 2P89 Medieval Art, Architecture and Society
VISA 2P90 Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
VISA 2P92 Early to High Renaissance Art and Architecture
VISA 2P93 Drawing III
VISA 2P94 Drawing IV
VISA 2P96 Introduction to 3D Modelling and Animation
VISA 2P97 Digital Video in Contemporary Art
VISA 2P99 Introduction to Sound Design in Contemporary Art
VISA 2Q95 Introduction to Interactive Media
VISA 2Q96 Art of Activism: Sexuality to Racial Justice
VISA 2Q97 Digital Video for Game Applications
VISA 2Q98 The Philosophy of Art
VISA 2Q99 Sound Design for Game Applications
VISA 3F50 Reading the Italian Medieval & Renaissance City
VISA 3F91 Advanced Art Practice
VISA 3F99 Honours Tutorial
VISA 3M00-3M04 Special Studies in Art History
VISA 3M05 2023-2024: Art Studies Abroad in Spain
VISA 3M05-3M10 Art Studies Abroad
VISA 3M20-3M29 Study in Mediterranean Lands
VISA 3M50-3M55 Travel and Study in Italy
VISA 3M90-3M95 Special Studies in Visual Arts
VISA 3P01 Media Transformations in The Creative Arts
VISA 3P03 Intermediate Painting
VISA 3P04 Painting Concepts
VISA 3P05 Pushing Boundaries in Art Movements
VISA 3P06 Avant-Garde Art
VISA 3P08 Gender and Art
VISA 3P10 Advanced Video Art
VISA 3P14 Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
VISA 3P22 Art and Architecture of the Roman Republic and Early Empire
VISA 3P23 Art and Architecture of the Roman Empire
VISA 3P24 Art and Architecture of Early Greece
VISA 3P25 Art and Architecture of Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World
VISA 3P26 Intermediate Darkroom Photography
VISA 3P41 Approaches to Curatorial Practice
VISA 3P42 Methods and Principles of Curating
VISA 3P50 Art and the Environment
VISA 3P52 Visual Culture and Science
VISA 3P89 Visual Culture of the Apocalypse
VISA 3P90 Art Now
VISA 3P91 Issues in Contemporary Art
VISA 3P93 Expressive Drawing
VISA 3P94 Contemporary Drawing
VISA 3P95 Introduction to Animation
VISA 3P97 Appropriation in Art and Culture
VISA 3P98 Picturing Animals
VISA 3P99 Interpretive and Critical Writing in the Arts
VISA 3Q91 Research Seminar in Visual Art
VISA 3Q92 Professional Practice Methodologies
VISA 3Q97 Advanced Photographic Processes
VISA 3Q99 Advanced Sound Design
VISA 3V20-3V29 Special Topics in Visual Culture
VISA 3V30-3V39 Selected Topics in Visual Arts
VISA 3V90-3V94 Selected Topics in Visual Arts
VISA 3V91 2022-2023: Inside Out - Revealing the Anatomical Body
VISA 3V95-3V99 Special Studies in Visual Culture
VISA 4F06 Honours Studio
VISA 4F41 Curatorial Studies Practicum
VISA 4F99 Honours Thesis
VISA 4P01 Creating Social Value from Material Culture
VISA 4P03 Advanced Painting
VISA 4P04 Contemporary Painting
VISA 4P40 Arts Management: Planning, Operations, Context
VISA 4P41 Arts Management: Programming, Marketing, Financing
VISA 4P68 Arts, Heritage and Culture: Public Policy and Governance
VISA 4P90 Forbidden Knowledge, Dangerous Art
VISA 4V30-4V39 Special topics in Mediterranean Art and Architecture
VISA 4V70 2021-2022: Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art
VISA 4V70-4V79 Advanced Studies in Visual Culture