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DART 0N01 Co-op Work Placement I
DART 0N02 Co-op Work Placement II
DART 0N03 Co-op Work Placement III
DART 0N04 Co-op Work Placement IV
DART 0N05 Co-op Work Placement V
DART 0N90 Co-op Professional Preparation
DART 1F01 Acting for Non-Majors
DART 1P91 Introduction to Theatre and Performance
DART 1P92 Performance as Cultural Practice I
DART 1P94 Creative Play for Community Development
DART 1P95 Creative Play for Education
DART 1P96 Script Analysis and Interpretation
DART 1P97 Introduction to Stagecraft, Production and Design
DART 1P99 Introduction to Performance
DART 2C01 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration I
DART 2C02 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration II
DART 2C03 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration III
DART 2C04 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration IV
DART 2C05 Co-op Reflective Learning and Integration V
DART 2F04 Introduction to Physical Theatre
DART 2F50 Performance I
DART 2M90-2M99 Special Studies in Dramatic Arts
DART 2P11 Voice and Speech
DART 2P21 Drama in Education
DART 2P22 Applied Theatre
DART 2P40 Stagecraft I
DART 2P41 Stagecraft II
DART 2P42 Stage Production
DART 2P96 Indigenous Theatre
DART 2P97 Canadian Theatre
DART 2Q92 Performance as Cultural Practice II
DART 2V90-2V99 Special Studies in Dramatic Arts
DART 3F50 Performance II
DART 3F61 Design: Theatrical Design
DART 3F91 Teaching Curriculum Through Process Drama
DART 3F92 Theatre, Children and Youth
DART 3F93 Social Issues Theatre for Community Engagement
DART 3F99 Advanced Project in Dramatic Arts
DART 3M00-3M09 Arts and Culture Studies Abroad
DART 3M90-3M99 Advanced Special Studies in Dramatic Arts
DART 3M99 2023-2024: Extended Project IV
DART 3P03 Structuring for Drama: Creating the Fictional Context
DART 3P04 Drama in Applied Contexts
DART 3P07 Clown
DART 3P08 Movement: Applications for Education and Theatre
DART 3P09 Commedia dell'Arte and Improvisation
DART 3P11 Voice and Speech II
DART 3P14 Dramatic Creation for Contemporary Cultural Practice
DART 3P42 Stage and Production Management
DART 3P53 Directing I: Dramaturgy
DART 3P54 Directing II
DART 3P55 Storytelling in the Musical Theatre
DART 3P91 Shakespeare in Performance
DART 3P92 Scriptwriting
DART 3P93 Producing a Performance Event
DART 3P94 Theatre Criticism
DART 3P95 Studies in Praxis I
DART 3P97 Advanced Project in Dramatic Arts I
DART 3P98 Advanced Project in Dramatic Arts II
DART 3Q90 Indigenous Cultural Production and Activism
DART 3Q91 Contemporary Theatre and Performance
DART 3Q92 Foundations in Performance Studies
DART 3V90-3V99 Advanced Special Studies in Dramatic Arts
DART 3V97 2023-2024: Advanced Project III
DART 3Y43 Theatrical Lighting
DART 3Y44 Theatrical Props Production
DART 3Y45 Scenic Painting
DART 3Y46 Make-up
DART 3Y47 Theatrical Puppets
DART 3Y48 Theatrical Masks
DART 3Y92 Costuming for Theatre
DART 3Y97 Sound Design for Theatre
DART 4F56 Advanced Studies in Theatre
DART 4F90 Critical Theory and Practice
DART 4F94 Honours Thesis Project
DART 4P40 Arts Management: Planning, Operations, Context
DART 4P41 Arts Management: Programming, Marketing, Financing
DART 4P51 Shakespeare: Voice and Text
DART 4P68 Arts, Heritage and Culture: Public Policy and Governance
DART 4P91 Internship in Drama in Education and Applied Theatre
DART 4P92 Text, Production, and Performance at the Shaw Festival Theatre
DART 4P97 Collaborative Stage Production
DART 4Y93 Performance III
DASA 2P08 Programming for Big Data
DASA 3P31 Data Visualization and Intelligence
DASA 3P41 Storage and Retrieval of Big Data
DASA 3P87 Statistical Computing with R
DASA 4F01 Capstone Project