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KINE 1P88 Foundations of Human Anatomy
KINE 1P90 Human Systems Anatomy
KINE 1P93 Foundations of Movement Studies
KINE 1P98 Musculoskeletal Anatomy
KINE 1P99 Foundations of Human Anatomy and Physiology
KINE 2F00 Fundamental Movement Skills
KINE 2P02 Experiential Engagement with Adaptive Physical Activity
KINE 2P05 Foundations of Motor Behaviour
KINE 2P08 Research Design in Kinesiology
KINE 2P09 Human Physiology
KINE 2P19 Coaching Theory
KINE 2P20 Introduction to Nutrition
KINE 2P40 Ancient Sport and Spectacle
KINE 2P41 Health and Physical Activity Promotion
KINE 2P44 Physical Activity and Aging
KINE 2P65 Sport and Mental Health
KINE 2P84 Human Growth and Development
KINE 2P85 Psychology of Health Behaviours
KINE 2P90 Exercise Physiology
KINE 2P91 Social History of Physical Education and Sport
KINE 2P92 Foundations in Adapted Physical Education and Disability Studies
KINE 2P93 Beauty, Bodies and Cultures
KINE 2P95 Sport Psychology
KINE 3P00 Individual and Dual Formal Games
KINE 3P02 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Across the Lifespan
KINE 3P03 Gymnastics
KINE 3P05 Motor Learning
KINE 3P06 Dance for Fitness and Health
KINE 3P08 Quantitative Analysis
KINE 3P10 Biomechanics
KINE 3P13 Fitness Activities
KINE 3P14 Aquatics
KINE 3P18 Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry
KINE 3P32 Movement Activities for Physical Education in the School
KINE 3P41 Communications in Kinesiology
KINE 3P65 Interventions in Physical Activity
KINE 3P70 Sociology of Sport I
KINE 3P80 Care and Prevention of Injuries
KINE 3P85 Exercise Psychology
KINE 3P90 Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology in Health and Disease
KINE 3P91 Training Principles
KINE 3P92 Physiological Consequence of Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitative Techniques
KINE 3P93 History and Philosophy of Physical Activity and Sport
KINE 3P94 Motor Control
KINE 3P95 Applied Sport Psychology
KINE 3P97 Exercise Physiology in Aging and Disease
KINE 3P98 Functional Anatomy
KINE 3P99 Special Studies in Physical Education and Kinesiology
KINE 3Q32 Movement Programming for Children
KINE 3Q41 Creating Healthy Communities: Human Mechanics
KINE 4F16 Exercise Programming for Neuromuscular Disability
KINE 4F90 Laboratory or Experience Based Research
KINE 4F91 Thesis/Project
KINE 4P00 Team Formal Games
KINE 4P01 Occupational Ergonomics
KINE 4P02 Programming for Disability and at-Risk Youth
KINE 4P05 Cognitive Ergonomics
KINE 4P08 Nutritional Implications for Sport and Human Performance
KINE 4P09 Environmental Exercise Physiology
KINE 4P10 Clinical Biomechanics
KINE 4P11 Sport Ethics
KINE 4P12 Exercise Programming for Older Adults
KINE 4P13 Meditative and Martial Arts
KINE 4P14 Alternative Environment Physical Activities
KINE 4P16 Exercise for Neurological Conditions
KINE 4P19 Advanced Coaching Theory
KINE 4P20 Micronutrients for Bone Strength
KINE 4P22 Therapeutic Applications of Physical Activity
KINE 4P31 Reflective Practice in Physical Education
KINE 4P32 Teaching and Learning in School-Based Physical Education
KINE 4P40 Cultural Studies of Sport and Leisure
KINE 4P60 Sociology of the Modern Olympic Games
KINE 4P61 Sport, Development and Sustainability
KINE 4P65 Physical Activity Counselling for Kinesiologists
KINE 4P70 Sociology of Sport II
KINE 4P71 Healthcare Ethics
KINE 4P80 Clinical Practices in Athletic Therapy
KINE 4P81 Clinical Assessments in Athletic Therapy
KINE 4P82 Practicum in Athletic Therapy
KINE 4P84 Children's Response to Physical Activity and Exercise
KINE 4P85 Body Image
KINE 4P86 Internship in Fitness and Conditioning
KINE 4P87 Internship in Coaching
KINE 4P88 Internship in Athlete Development
KINE 4P89 Internship in Clinical Kinesiology and Rehabilitation
KINE 4P90 Knowledge Translation in Kinesiology
KINE 4P91 High Performance Athletic Assessment and Training
KINE 4P93 Physical Activity Across the Lifespan
KINE 4P94 Balance and Gait
KINE 4P95 Gender and Sport
KINE 4P98 Functional Assessment of Neuromuscular System
KINE 4P99 Advanced Topics in Physical Education and Kinesiology
KINE 4Q90 Foundations of Collaboration and Teamwork