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RECL 0N06 Brock BaseCamp
RECL 1P03 Introduction to Leisure in Canadian Society
RECL 1P90 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Studies
RECL 1P95 Recreation Programming
RECL 1P99 Leadership in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services
RECL 2P02 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 2P07 Introduction to Research Design and Evaluation
RECL 2P11 The Social Psychology of Leisure and Recreation
RECL 2P15 Understanding Communities and Community Organizations
RECL 2P16 Outdoor Recreation Theory and Practices I
RECL 2P25 Child and Youth Work in Community Recreation
RECL 2P26 Outdoor Recreation Theory and Practices II
RECL 2P52 Therapeutic Recreation and Persons with Disabilities
RECL 2P56 Outdoor Leadership for Non-Majors
RECL 2P62 Leisure Education in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 2P63 Theory and Practice of Music Therapy
RECL 2P80 Foundations of Gerontology
RECL 2P94 Indigenous Leisures
RECL 3M01-3M25 Special Studies in Recreation and Leisure Studies
RECL 3P00 Directed Readings
RECL 3P04 Leisure and Health Promotion
RECL 3P06 Outdoor Recreation Resource Management
RECL 3P11 Sociological Aspects of Leisure and Diversity
RECL 3P12 Leisure and Aging
RECL 3P14 Aquatics
RECL 3P16 Inclusive Outdoor Adventure Recreation
RECL 3P24 Psychosocial Coping and Adaptation
RECL 3P25 Community Development in Recreation: Philosophy and Practice
RECL 3P26 Outdoor and Environmental Education
RECL 3P30 Risk Management in Recreation
RECL 3P32 Therapeutic Recreation Program Planning
RECL 3P36 Adventure-Based Learning in Recreation
RECL 3P45 Campus Recreation
RECL 3P50 Entrepreneurship in Recreation Service Organizations
RECL 3P51 Group Dynamics in Recreation
RECL 3P62 Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 3P70 Financing Community Recreation Services
RECL 3P76 Recreation Facilities Management
RECL 3P86 Advanced Outdoor Leadership Theory and Practices
RECL 3P91 Migratory Pursuits in Leisure
RECL 3P95 Recreation and Leisure Services Field Experience
RECL 3Q07 Quantitative Analysis
RECL 3Q16 Environmental and Ecological Literacy
RECL 3Q17 Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry
RECL 3Q26 National Outdoor Leadership Field Experience I
RECL 3Q36 Outward Bound Canada Field Experience I
RECL 3Q46 Wilderness First Responder
RECL 3Q56 Outdoor Field Experience I
RECL 3Q92 Therapeutic Recreation and Behavioural Health
RECL 3Q99 Therapeutic Recreation and Physical Rehabilitation
RECL 3V12-3V99 Special Studies in Recreation and Leisure
RECL 4F02 Internship in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 4F07 Group Honours Thesis Research Project
RECL 4F22 Advanced Methods in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 4F25 Internship in Community Recreation
RECL 4F26 Internship in Outdoor Recreation
RECL 4F27 Individual Honours Thesis Research Project
RECL 4F55 International Field Experience in Recreation and Leisure
RECL 4M01-4M11 Special Topics in Recreation & Leisure Studies for Professionals
RECL 4P00 Advanced Directed Readings
RECL 4P01 Leisure and Restorative Settings
RECL 4P05 Planning in Community Recreation Organizations
RECL 4P16 Advanced Wilderness Program Planning
RECL 4P21 Cultural Politics of Leisure
RECL 4P35 Current Issues in Community Recreation
RECL 4P43 Gender, Leisure and Families
RECL 4P77 Program Evaluation in Recreation
RECL 4P86 Wilderness Philosophies
RECL 4P92 Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
RECL 4P96 Issues in Outdoor Recreation
RECL 4Q26 National Outdoor Leadership Field Experience II
RECL 4Q36 Outward Bound Canada Field Experience II
RECL 4Q56 Outdoor Field Experience II
RECL 4Q90 Foundations of Collaboration and Teamwork
RECL 4Q96 Experiential Education in Recreation and Leisure
RUSS 1F00 Introductory Russian