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OBHR 4V98 2020-2021: HR Analytics
VISA 4V70 2021-2022: Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art
LATI 4V90 2022-2023: Advanced Readings in Latin
IASC 4V70 2022-2023: Advanced Topics in Game Design
VISA 3V91 2022-2023: Inside Out - Revealing the Anatomical Body
ADED 4V95 2022-2023: Practicum in Adult Education
STAC 3V91 2022-2023: Sports in Arts and Culture
DART 3V97 2023-2024: Advanced Project III
PHIL 4V34 2023-2024: Advanced Vedanta
ENGL 4V39 2023-2024: Alcohol & Temperance
VISA 3M05 2023-2024: Art Studies Abroad in Spain
CHYS 2V91 2023-2024: Children and Youth in Sports Contexts
CHYS 3V94 2023-2024: Children's Participation
COMM 4V52 2023-2024: Cultures of Entrepreneurialism
ENGL 4V74 2023-2024: Ecohorror
ENGL 4V01 2023-2024: Editing and Exhibiting Early English Books
CHYS 3V92 2023-2024: Executive Functions in Children and Youth
DART 3M99 2023-2024: Extended Project IV
CLAS 4V57 2023-2024: Helen of Troy
HIST 4V79 2023-2024: Indigenous Knowledge in a 'Post' Colonial Global Context
HIST 3V90 2023-2024: Indigenous Resurgence and Reconciliation in a Canadian Context
WGST 2V59 2023-2024: LGBTQ+ Rights in India: A Socio-Legal Study
HIST 3M61 2023-2024: Local Historical Archaeology
CLAS 3M61 2023-2024: Local Historical Archaeology
ENGL 4V35 2023-2024: Reviving Arthur: Tennyson's Idylls
ENGL 3V91 2023-2024: Social Justice & Cultural Production
ENGL 4V76 2023-2024: The Literary History of Picture Books
ENGL 3V97 2023-2024: The Lives of Dogs
ENGL 3V23 2023-2024: The Poetry of Hester Pulter
PHIL 3V91 2023-2024: The Psychology of Frantz Fanon
SPMA 3V93 2023-2024: US West Coast Sport Management Field Trip
PCUL 4V57 2023-2024: Visual Culture
COMM 4V57 2023-2024: Visual Culture
FILM 4V57 2023-2024: Visual Culture