Announcing the Working Group on Micro-credentials

For several years, Brock has been seeking to build its infrastructure around continuing and professional education and to increase its number of offerings in this area. These courses would serve a broad population, including working professionals seeking to upgrade their skills or credentials, those seeking to re-skill and re-integrate the labour market, as well as those looking to enter post-secondary education for the first time.

At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in massive labour market disruptions. The province has consulted with universities and colleges on the possibility of creating educational opportunities specifically oriented toward this re-integration process. In this case, some of the focus has been on the development of ‘micro-credentials’, which are characterized by their brevity, shareability, traceability, and their orientation to labour market needs.

The Working Group on Micro-credentials will explore the feasibility of increased micro-credential offerings at Brock. Specially, the Working Group will:

  • Propose a working definition of ‘micro-credential’ appropriate to the Brock context;
  • Create an inventory of existing micro-credential offerings at Brock;
  • Identify potential micro-credential offerings at Brock;
  • Review existing data to identify potential areas of demand from employers and industry for micro-credentials;
  • Define processes for the creation of micro-credentials at Brock; and
  • Propose next steps and/or a path forward to increase Brock’s micro-credential offerings.

The working group will meet monthly during the course of the 2020-21 academic year. It will report to the Senior Academic Leadership Team (SALT) and will consult and engage with Senate on relevant topics, including the approval process for micro-credentials.

Categories: October 2020