Announcing the Continuing Education Working Group

The pursuit of increased pathways, professional and continuing education at Brock dates back several years. Many universities in Ontario have substantial continuing education units, many of which bring in considerable revenue and provide valuable services to local communities and employers.

Given Niagara’s low post-secondary participation rate and even lower university attainment rate, continuing education can provide a way for casual students to try university-level courses or for students with a college-level credential to upgrade to a university-level credential. Continuing education units can provide a range of laddered credential options, from certificates to diplomas to degrees, that are accessible to individuals with various levels of post-secondary experience.

The Continuing Education Working Group will:

  • Identify opportunities for the creation of new continuing education offerings at Brock;
  • Identify the appropriate processes for the creation of new continuing education offerings at Brock;
  • Identify new administrative processes and requirements, such as registrarial and IT requirements, to accommodate continuing education offerings at Brock;
  • Scan and monitor the evolving local and provincial landscape to identify changes and evolutions that Brock may wish to be aware of; and
  • Propose a structure or structures for Brock’s continuing education operations.

The working group will meet monthly during the course of the 2020-21 academic year. It will report to the Senior Academic Leadership Team (SALT) and will consult and engage with Senate on relevant topics.

Categories: October 2020