Bob Davis and Gym 2 LED Lighting & Control System Upgrade  

Blog Contributor: Elenore Breslow

Brock University continues tdemonstrate its commitment to increase energy efficiency and sustainability on campus through energy savings projects. A recent project completed in April 2020 was the LED lighting and control system upgrade in Bob Davis and Gym 2. The Bob Davis Gymnasium is located on the lower level of the Walker Complex and is home to Badger basketball and volleyball teams and is where convocation and exams are held. Gym 2 is a multi-purpose gymnasium that is also located in the Walker Complex and is the main facility for the Universities PEKN Children’s Movement Program and where a number of intramurals are held. 

This energy efficiency project aligns with Brock’s Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan goal to continue the replacement of T12, T8 and CFL lights and fixtures with LED tubes and fixtures. Both facilities were illuminated with 4 lamp and 2 lamp T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures with a total fixture count of 356 and a total lamp count of 1,424. The aging T8 fixtures were replaced with new LED high bay luminaires. A total of 140 new LED fixtures were installed in the two gyms. In addition to the lighting upgrades the two gyms also received a new Lutron control system that installed dimming capabilities as well as occupancy sensors to curtail energy usage when the gyms are not in use. The lighting portion of the project resulted in electrical savings of 157,228 kWh and the controls portion contributes an additional savings of 62,772 kWh for a total electrical savings of 220,000 kWh per year. This represents savings of $42,900 annually. These savings are enough to power 7.8 homes for 1 year and is equivalent to 40.88 t CO2e reduction or taking about 16 cars off the road! 


Project Details: 

Project Cost: $96,500.00 

Incentives/Grants: $7,000 for fixtures, $6,272 for controls (total $13,272) 

Simple Payback: 1.7 years 

Energy Savings: 220,000 kWh/year ($42,900) 

CO2 Reduction: 40.88 eton 

Project Completion: April 2020.