CWC Information for Staff, Faculty & Event Organizers

What is the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC)?

Increasing students’ engagement in their Brock experience both inside and outside the classroom is central to ensuring our students’ success. Students aren’t only learning when they’re in class; there is also tremendous learning that comes from extra-curricular and co-curricular activities like campus events, club involvement, and volunteerism (as well as many others).

To help students make the most of their experiences beyond the classroom, Brock University developed the Campus-Wide Co-curriculum (CWC), which presents important opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of themselves and encourage participation across several important domains. Thus, the CWC represents a guide to help students identify and navigate the wide-range of co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences and opportunities available at Brock.

Opportunities represent key experiences, events or activities that we believe will help students to gain and fosters skills in ten different co-curricular domains which represent skills that employers increasingly expect from university graduates, and the offer opportunities to enhance students’ personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions - Event Managers and Administrators

Each domain is comprised of a list of items or tasks to be completed. In order to complete a domain, students must complete all of the core items and a certain number of elective items.

Event/Activity Attendance

For all events or campus activities attendance should be taken, wherever possible, to streamline the process and validate students’ experiences so they can receive credit. There are two options for tracking:

  • Organizers can swipe or take attendance and then upload the attendance as soon as possible to the ExperienceBU event. Attendance can also be provided to the ExperienceBU team by emailing it to

Students will automatically be given credit once attendance is uploaded, OR

  • The student can self-report their attendance at an event not listed in ExperienceBU and it will be verified by staff before credit is provided

Self-Reported Experiences

Some opportunities and experiences are not event based. In this case, students will be required to report their experience and provide some verification of completion of the item. In the Details of each item, we have put what are required or suggested items to be submitted for verification.

Does your event/activity encourage students to be involved on-campus outside of the classroom and

  • learn a new skills?
  • expand or enhance their knowledge or experience?
  • fit within one of the 10 domains?

The answer is probably YES!

To determine where your event or activity may fit within the CWC, you can review the Domain Objectives, Domains & Key Experiences, or connect with us at

Students can receive co-curricular credit for attending your event if:

  1. The event aligns with a domain item in the campus wide co-curriculum (CWC)
  2. Attendance will be taken at the event

If you determine that your event does align with a domain item in the CWC and you will be taking attendance at your event, e-mail and our staff can connect your event to the CWC and explain how to upload attendance to your event on ExperienceBU

Attendance Tracking - ExperienceBU Tutorial

Taking attendance is the most important consideration in ensuring students can easily, and seamlessly receive credit in both the CWC and on their Student Experience Record.

To ensure students receive credit, we need their Badger ID (ap00be) or card swipe from their Brock student card. This information can be collected in any number of ways:

  • Card Readers – Student Life has a number of mobile card reader units that can be borrowed for your event. Simply swipe students cards as the enter the event, return the reader to Student Life and the attendance will be tracked for you in ExperienceBU
  • Sign-in sheet – Good old fashion pen and paper can be used too!  Simply ask students to provide their Brock email address when arriving and email the list to after the event
  • Live swipe – ExperienceBU has a live swiping feature that will allow you to capture attendance as students arrive and input it directly into your event on ExperienceBU. Email for more details
  • Ticket sales – Using Eventbrite or the University Ticketing system (UTix) to sell or distribute tickets to your event? Make sure to ask students for their Brock email address when they purchase a ticket! You can send this information to or upload it directly to your ExperienceBU event

By participating in activities related to these domains, we believe students will have a richer, more meaningful Brock experience and will be even better positioned to pursue a career or further education when they graduate.

In addition, for every completed domain, students will earn an insignia (or seal) on their Brock University Certificate of Engagement. Students who complete the entire CWC will be recognized and corded at Convocation.

Students will also be working to build their Student Experience Record, which along with the CWC, will help students to articulate their accomplishments and skills on a resume and portfolio.

Encourage students to visit ExperienceBU to find ways to get involved at Brock and make the most of their experience here, both inside and outside the classroom. To learn more about integrating the CWC into the classroom, please contact us at

Post events, both on and off-campus that provide opportunities for students to get involved. Once in the system, ExperienceBU staff will review the events and include appropriate events in the CWC for co-curriculum credit.

Take attendance when hosting an event. Use a swiper or card reader (available from the Student Life Involvement Commons) or take paper attendance to record student participation. Once the event has concluded, upload the attendance to ExperienceBU or email it to to provide students with co-curriculum credit.

Promote your event or program as being part of the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum by downloading the CWC domain icons for use on your promotions, website and event listings. Refer to the full curriculum listing items to determine what domain your event falls under or contact us.