Many of us go through life viewing our experiences and events as isolated, unrelated experiences; rather than opportunities for learning. Taking time to reflect transforms those experiences into genuine learning about individual values, goals, skills and sometimes about larger social issues. Consider John Dewey’s famous quote “We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.”

We have built reflections in every domain as an opportunity for you to consider what you learned while completing the domain requirements. These guided reflections ask that you think about how your participation in this domain has impacted both your knowledge and your skill set.

We encourage you to think intentionally about your experience completing the domains and other related experiences and give these careful consideration.

Our hope is that by reflecting on your experiences, not only will you get more from those experiences, but you will be able to clearly communicate your accomplishments and skills to future employers.

End of Domain Reflections

When you have completed the required number of experiences in a specific domain (as outlined above) you will need to complete the reflection for that domain.  The end of domain reflections is focused on two areas – knowledge and skills.

Post-Curriculum Reflection

Finally, once a you have completed all 10 domains, you are asked to complete an end of curriculum reflection.