Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum


At Brock University, we believe that students aren’t just learning when they’re in classroom. There is also tremendous learning that comes from extra-curricular and co-curricular experiences like campus events, workshops, club involvement and volunteerism.

What is the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum?

The CWC represents a guide to help you identify and navigate the wide-range of co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences and opportunities available at Brock and offers structure to these experiences so that you can maximize both your personal development and your Brock experience.

The CWC is a collection of opportunities at Brock that are designed to help you make the most of your Brock experience. Opportunities represent key experiences, events or activities that we believe will help you to gain and fosters skills in ten different co-curricular domains. These domains represent skills that employers increasingly expect from university graduates, and the offer opportunities to enhance students’ personal growth.


The Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) is comprised of ten co-curricular domains. Each domain requires a number of experiences, called items, to be completed, some required and some elective.

For every completed domain, you will earn an insignia (or seal) on your Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum Certificate of Engagement and recognition on your Student Experience Record.

You can complete as many domains as you’d like; but only students who complete the entire CWC will be recognized at Convocation!


You can find the CWC in the Paths section of ExperienceBU.

Start with the Pre-Curriculum Reflection. This short four question reflection is designed to get you thinking about what you hope to get out of your Brock experience and introduce you to the idea of reflection.

Then, spending some time reviewing each of the ten domains. Each domain outlines experiences, known as items, to be completed. You can read the details of each item for more information about how you can complete it and see any upcoming events that you can attend.

Then jump in! Get involved…start attending events, completing experiences and then report it!

Not sure where to start?
Then, let the Getting Started Track be your guide! Complete and report the CWC experiences listed on the track in your first year and you will be well on your way to completing the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum!