Getting Started in the CWC

In the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum there are currently just over 120 items in the curriculum to choose from and you will need to complete 54 experiences, plus reflections to complete the entire curriculum.

54?! I know, it might sound like a lot, but keep in mind most curriculum items have a number of options, or paths, from which you can choose to complete to receive credit.

And to help you get started, we created the Getting Started Track. The experiences on the track represent activities that you are most likely to engage in as a new student Brock; experiences like attending Welcome Week and athletic events or following Brock on social media.

And if you complete all the experiences on the track in your first-year, you will be more than 1/3 of the way through the CWC, how great is that!

Check out the Track below, or click here to download a PDF.