Why participate in the CWC

By participating in activities related to all of these domains, we believe you will have a richer, more meaningful Brock experience and will be even better positioned to pursue a career or further education when you graduate. The domains represent skills that employers increasingly expect from graduates, and they offer opportunities to enhance your personal growth and to help you make the most of your time at Brock.

For every completed domain, you will earn an insignia (or seal) on your Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum Certificate of Engagement. Students who complete the entire CWC will be recognized and corded at Convocation!

But don’t just take our word for it, read what other Brock students had to say!

“Recognizing that my undergraduate major in Computer Science was highly technical and therefore limited me from experiencing disciplines that I observed to be equally stimulating, I therefore took the initiative to change my outlook on my education by enlisting in the Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum program. Doing so allotted me the chance to obtain a more holistic understanding of learning, which in turn bolstered my personal growth in a manner that I had yet to previously experience. This inference rang particularly true for domains that are imperative to the current state of global affairs, such as improving my appreciation for gender identity, accessibility, race, and religion through the Diversity & Inclusion stream; and granting me newfound admiration for community enrichment initiatives through the Community Engagement concentration. In the end, expanding my worldview, honing my leadership and teamwork skills, and impressing upon me the importance of learning beyond one’s lane was an opportunity that I ascertained to be overall beneficial to my personal development. ”

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“When I first looked at the CWC, I truly thought it was unachievable for a full-time student to complete so many domains. However, when I further researched the domains and understood what completing each domain entailed, I realized completing the CWC would significantly enhance my professional development and help me in my journey to becoming a competent health care professional. The pillars of the CWC are important for students to understand no matter which faculty or department they belong to. Students who complete the CWC will take one step closer to becoming well-rounded professionals with a vast understanding of the world and ongoing situations.”

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“A wise person once told me, the way to make the most of your school experience is to get involved. That moto worked wonders for me in high school so I figured I better do the same in University. I remember being greeted by one of the student life members during O-week and swiping my card to try and win a gift card to the campus store, that gave her enough time to explain the CWC and I was hooked.”

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“CWC is not just any certificate that validates your co-curricular activities but also shapes you academically and professionally as a student which ultimately motivated me to do this … My advice for [to students hoping to finish the CWC] is to start with the Brock Spirit Domain as most of it gets covered while participating in the first-year O-week and Frosh week events. Be spontaneous, do not overthink when swiping your card – just know that it is all worth it at the end of the day. ”

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“The CWC got me thinking of everything that exists outside of academics that can really make or break one’s entire university experience. I found myself engaging in a variety of clubs and activities, including Niagara Strong, Brock Dragonboat, the Brock Mentorship Program (Ten Thousand Coffees), the DBT Skills Program, Golden Key Cancon, the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women, the Niagara Social Justice forum, drag shows, Makerspace workshops, social campfires, and so much more. I’ve listed the activities that have impacted me the most: each and every single one has led me to meeting some lifelong friends and making some amazing connections but has also pushed me far out of my comfort zone.”

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“I personally believe that it truly enhances the student experience. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt for student life. You’ll have so much fun completing it! It is also really rewarding getting the Certificate of Engagement as it represents all the effort you put in to completing the CWC. It’s also a great way to make friends and make unforgettable memories that you will cherish for a long time. I would recommend the CWC to any student looking to have a great student experience at Brock. It also looks great on a resume!”

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“The CWC was a great way to prompt me to try new things and get more involved on campus and in the community. As someone who was pretty shy when entering university, participating in the CWC helped me to break out of my shell and expand my horizons through attending different events and workshops. As a result of completing the CWC, I have made some incredible friends and have had some amazing experiences over the past four years at Brock!”

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Did you know – the CWC isn’t just for students! Anyone at Brock can complete the CWC! Elaine, the Administrative Assistant for the Centre for Canadian Studies and the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, is the first staff member to complete Brock University’s Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC).

“It’s a great thing to be a part of our community and it’s not that difficult,” she said. “It looks overwhelming but it’s not. You just have to take one thing at a time. The Student Life team is really supportive.”

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