Waivers & Forms

Below you will find links to various waivers and forms that may need to be administered at your event.

RM – Informed Consent and Waiver of Claims

For any events involving travel or a medium-high degree of risk, all participants will need to sign an Informed Consent and Waiver of Claims

Administering Informed Consent Waiver

Informed Consent waivers can be administered before the event; however, we recommend that the waiver be administered at the event by a student leader or university employee who can be relied upon to give evidence in court, if necessary. The administrator can and should be the same person who is leading the activity, event or program that is covered by the waiver, and should act as the witness of the waiver.

The witness is responsible for ensuring that all parts of the waiver – the event/activity name, the date, participant name and signature – are completed correctly by the participant.

RM – Event Monitor Contract

For any event where alcohol will be served, one event monitor for every 20 participants is required. Each event monitor must sign the above contract and agree to:

  1. not consume any alcohol on the day of the event until all participants have departed the event
  2. ensure that no participant over consumes alcohol or uses illegal narcotics.
  3. monitor crowd behaviour and immediately notify the primary event organizers, and security if necessary, of any behaviour that is unsafe or disruptive

RM – Bus Monitor Contract

If participants will be traveling by chartered bus, you will be required to assign a bus monitor, who will be required to sign a Bus Monitor Contract, and who will be responsible for ensuring:

  1. All participants have signed travel waivers before loading the bus.
  2. No alcohol is brought onto the bus and that all alcohol will be confiscated.
  3. No intoxicated participant is allowed to board the bus going to the event.
  4. Every person is aware of the time the bus will be leaving the venue.
  5. Every effort is made to ensure all participants are on the bus before it departs the venue.
  6. All participants are aware of the procedure to be followed in the event that they miss the bus

Note that events where participants are traveling by public bus, do not require a bus monitor.

RM – Photo Release Form

If you will be taking photos at the event that you plan to make public or use for future marketing purposes, having participants sign a photo release is a good idea.