Online room bookings

Room Booking Guidelines

All bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance by using the online form. Please allow up to 3 business days for the booking to be processed. Once a room has been assigned to a request, a confirmation will be sent to the person making the request via email.

During the fall/winter term (September-April), shorter bookings are more likely to find space than longer ones.

We try our best to match you up with the rooms you request. If you did not receive a room in your preferred location, it is because there was no space available in that location.

Academics take priority. Although it is unlikely, your booking may be moved or cancelled if scheduling needs to move a class.

We will not place you in a room that does not accommodate all your needs (AV, capacity, setup).

Room and event requirements

If you require audio visual equipment or support for your event, please contact or x3588.

Brock Dining Services has exclusivity to catering on Brock’s campus.  No outside food can be brought in.  Please order food 10 business days in advance for hot orders and 3 business days for cold orders by contacting or x 4516.

If you require a room setup, the information for setup must be received via email to no later than 7 business days prior to the scheduled event.

If you require a table, please submit a request using the online table booking system (

The Pond Inlet is a room in high demand by all parties of the University. Please be respectful when booking this space to only book it for the time that is needed to allow others the opportunity to use it for their event as well.

Please be courteous to others in the University. If your event cancels, please notify room bookings immediately so the space can be re-allocated to someone else.

Signage may be posted to help direct people to your booking as long as it is put up with the proper fastener. Magic Mounts are used in the Residence rooms and are approved to be used to put up signage.  Using other products can result in leaving marks on the wall and even removing the paint itself.

BUSU/Student Clubs

BUSU ratified clubs are required to submit their requests using the ExperienceBU clubs portal.  Please do not contact room bookings directly. Other student clubs are required to have the faculty or staff from their associated department request the space on their behalf.  Student events require risk management approval.

All external organizations can contact Reservations and Service Coordinator at 905-688-5550 x4443 or email

Rooms not booked by Room Bookings

Classrooms for classes and exams (contact

Computer Labs (contact

Sankey Chamber (contact

TH253 and Learning Commons (contact

Gyms (contact

Rodman Hall (contact

Rooms at the Marilyn I. Walker School (contact

Kenmore Centre (contact

Cairns 207 (contact

PL600 Level Rooms (contact

ST103 (contact

Goodman Atrium (contact

Cairns Atrium (contact

Rooms at the Hamilton Campus for meeting purposes (contact extension 3610)

Rooms at the Hamilton Campus for external groups/events (contact extension 4863)