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Upcoming Test/Exam and you don't have notes?

If you have an upcoming test/exam, and a note taker has not been hired for your course, then contact for assistance, however, please remember that this is not a guaranteed service but an “enhanced service” relying on peer volunteer notetakers. 

As stated in the Note Taking Policy: "In most cases the Note Taking Service will be an adjunct to the student’s own note taking abilities, and wherever possible, students are expected to take notes in class in order to facilitate their own learning.  SSWD will, if possible, solicit note takers on behalf of the student"


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Returning students will notice that SOAR is gone. SSWD is constantly evolving and improving service delivery, and SOAR could no longer support the high level of service quality that students deserve. The new online modules offer better features and room to grow for future service delivery options.