What to expect

Counselling is a conversation with a purpose. Counsellors strive to understand your difficulties so that they can assist you help yourself by:

  • putting things into perspective;
  • getting you to try new things out in order to improve your situation;
  • getting commitment from you to work at implementing new coping strategies; or
  • challenging yourself in order to grow and learn new ways of improving your life.

The following information will help ensure that the process of coming to Personal Counselling services is straightforward and stress free:

  • If you chose telephone counselling, please ensure your phone settings allow incoming calls from blocked callers prior to your appointment. Your counsellor will call the phone number you provided at your scheduled appointment time from a blocked caller ID.
  • If you chose MS Teams counselling, you will receive and MS Teams meeting link to your email. Once you accept the meeting, it will appear in your Teams calendar. At your scheduled time, log into Teams and join the meeting from your calendar OR in the meeting invitation link in your email.