What do I do if I have a possible concussion?

On Campus Services:

  • Students can go to Student Health Services (SHS) at Harrison Hall. The receptionist will help them to make an appointment to see a physician. SHS hours and location can be found on our contact page.
  • Students who are varsity athletes, may also be seen by the sports medicine physician at Athletic Services, in Harrison Hall.
  • If, after seeing the student, the physician makes a diagnosis of a concussion, SHS will ask the student to provide consent to share this information with the Registrar’s office.
  • The Registrar’s Office will send an email to notify relevant instructors/faculty members about the concussion diagnosis.
  • The student will be provided with follow up appointments and monitored on a weekly basis (minimum) by the SHS.
  • Once the student is ready to be re-integrated back to class, they will be provided with a medical certificate to give to their instructors.

If student is diagnosed by an off-campus physician:

  1. Students can download the Brock University Student’s Medical Verification Form from Brock’s website and get it filled out by the physician they saw.
  2. The student will be responsible to provide that initial notification to relevant faculty.
  3. At the earliest opportunity students may go to Student Health Services for necessary follow up and re-integration into regular classes as above.
  4. Once the student is ready to return to class, they will be provided with another Medical Certificate to give to their instructors.

More information

For more information about concussions, please contact the Ontario Brain Injury Association Helpline at 1-800-263-5404.