Faculty of Humanities



 HIST 1F95 - World History Since 1914 (S1)

HIST 1F95 - World History Since 1914 (S2)

HIST 1F96 - The Americas - D2 - Wickett

HIST 2F20 - Origins of Modern Britain 

HIST 2P01 - Colonial Canada

HIST 2P02 - Post-Confederation Canada

HIST 2P08 - Colonial Latin America

HIST 2P15 - The United States 1607-1865

HIST 2P16 - U.S. 1865-Present

HIST 2P40 - French Society & Politics in 18th Century

HIST 2P51 - Europe, 1815-1914

HIST 2P62 - Africa to 1800

HIST 2P63 - Africa Since 1800

HIST 2P64 - War and Peace in the Modern World

HIST 2P70 - The Middle East 600-1800

HIST 2P75 - Western Science from Aristotle to Newton

HIST 2P76 - Making modern Science

HIST 2P92 - The French Revolution Contested

HIST 2P96 - Early Russia

HIST 2Q93 - Women in North America: 1865 

HIST 2Q97 - Native Newcomer Relations in Canada

HIST 3P07 - Childhood & Youth since 1800

HIST 3P16 - The American Revolution

HIST 3P33 - Imagining the Past:  Introduction to Historiography

HIST 3P48 - Wealth, Work & Power in the US

HIST 3P52 - African American Experience

HIST 3P57 - Living with the Enemy: The History of WWII Occupation in Europe

HIST 3P60 - World of Genghis Khan - Inner Asia since 500 BC

HIST 3P64 - Africa and the African Diaspora 

HIST 3P74 - Canadian Immigration and Ethnic History

HIST 3P75 - Canadian Labour History

HIST 3P81 - History of Technology

HIST 3P90 - The Rise and Fall of the Russian Empire

HIST 3P94 - Historians and the Age of Religious Wars and Absolutism, 1559-1715

HIST 3P98 - French Canada

HIST 3P99 - Challenge to Social Order in 18th-C England

HIST 3Q93 - The Crusades

HIST 3Q99 -  The Sixties

HIST 4P08 -  Slavery in Africa

HIST 4P26 - Topics in Latin American History

HIST 4P33 - The US and the Cold War

HIST 4P35 - Witchcraft

HIST 4P36 - American Political Ideas: 1760-1805

HIST 4P41 - The Holocaust

HIST 4P44 - The French Revolution

HIST 4P57 -  China under Communist Rule

HIST 4P62 - Religious Radicalism

HIST 4V42 - Russia's Great War