Study Tips

Study Tips

Study Tips


Turn off your cell phone and computer during scheduled study times to reduce the

risk of distractions!

Take consistent short breaks during lengthy study times: 10 minutes for every hour

of study, and 5 minutes for every half-hour!

Don’t stay up all night cramming for a test the next day. Aside from being too sleepy to think effectively, your mind generally will only remember the first and last 30 minutes of what you studied.


Break big jobs down into smaller steps; tackle short, easy-to-accomplish tasks first.

Stay away from energy drinks with lots of caffeine as they can inhibit your ability to think clearly!


Avoid junk food as study snacks. Choose fresh fruit and vegetables to give you reserves of energy and increase your ability to concentrate.





Gather friends and classmates to form a study group. It can be fun and effective.

It is not the amount of time you spend studying that matters. It's what you can accomplish during that time. Develop a study plan and learn how to manage your time effectively to maximize your results.

Study before you think you need to at a more relaxed pace, increasing the possibility that you’ll retain what you learn. Avoiding the stress of cramming can help you learn more efficiently.