Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

Although sometimes you feel like there is nothing in this world that can help you, remember the following tips in order to make life a little easier for yourself.

The following list is comprised of items in your life that you often have minimal control over.

  1. Change is something that we frequently do not recognize as a stressful event and when changes occur in our life we often do not realize the intense stress it causes on us.
  2. Loss of a loved one or significant being in your life is a strong intensifier of stress.
  3. An uncertain future or not knowing what is going to happen next can also lead to high levels of stress.

There are many things that you can avoid on a day to day basis in order to reduce or eliminate further stress on yourself. The following items are practices that you can often control, and if avoided can lower the stress level in your life.

  1. Caffeine - a natural physical stressor that speeds up cardiovascular responses and can create uneasiness and anxiety
  2. Sugar - another natural physical stressor that is often used as a short term energy boost, but following the usage of the fuel, it leaves the body at a loss. Also, sugar causes the body to crave other sugary foods and suppress the desire for nutritious foods, thus limiting the vitamin intake which has been linked with bouts of depression
  3. Cigarettes - which usually are considered to be a euphoric agent are actually a large stressor on the body. The chemicals in the cigarettes are a negative stimulant to the body.
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  4. Drugs and alcohol - these two substances are actually poisons to your systems and are natural depressants. Consumption of these substances leads to numerous other stressful situations involving relationships and success.
  5. Sedatives - The name of this substance suggests these relaxing agents to be stress relievers, but in reality they are intended for short term relief. When they are used to solve a chronic problem they may create an addiction or dependence problem, which will lead to further stress.

When encountering a stressful situation, think to yourself and assess whether your action or reaction will be an aggressor to your stress or an inhibitor?

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"Look at your lifestyle and see what can be changed -- in your work situation, your family situation, or your schedule."


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