Genital Warts

Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) which has the ability to infect and cause warts that grow on or around the genitals. The virus is present in 15-30% of the sexually active population.



  • Genital warts appear from two weeks to eight months after contact with an infected partner.
  • The warts are tiny to large fleshy, flat or cauliflower like spots.
  • They may appear anywhere in genital, vaginal and or on penis.
  • After oral sex warts may appear around or in the mouth.
If Not Treated
  • genital warts can be dangerous, particularly for women.
  • There is a link between genital warts growing inside the vagina and cancer of the cervix.
  • If you notice genital warts, you must see a doctor. "Pap" smears done regularly can detect the cellular changes of HPV on the cervix before they progress to cancer.
  • Careful visual inspection may result in early detection
  • involves freezing the affected areas with liquid nitrogen, use of Podophyllum, trichloracetic acid or laser.
  • Those with cellular changes may require laser, cryotherapy, cropping and excision.
  • The physician will advise more frequent pap smears until it is relatively certain that the cell changes are resolved.


  • avoiding skin to skin contact with infected or potentially infected areas.
  • Condoms may provide some protection.
  • Not precisely known, but warts have been said to remain infectious for up to a year after treatment.