Nominations sought for honorary degree recipients

The Governance Committee of the Brock University Senate is seeking nominations for potential recipients of honorary degrees.

Honorary degrees are awarded at the University’s Convocation ceremonies and recognize the exceptional work of community members as wells as those within a particular discipline. Recipients also deliver the Convocation address.

The degrees are awarded on the basis of merit in either significant high-quality scholarly and/or creative work; or excellence in achievements deserving recognition, including meritorious public or humanitarian contributions to the University, the region, Ontario, Canada or internationally, and outstanding achievement and/or service in any area of interest to the University.

Any member of the Brock community or public can submit nominations.

Active Canadian politicians, current Brock University employees or members of the Brock Board of Trustees will not be considered for an honorary degree. However, past employees and members of the Board may be considered if they have vacated their positions for at least three years.

The Senate Governance Committee reviews, in confidence, all nominations received and will forward its recommendations to Senate for consideration. Senate does not report on its deliberations because of confidentiality, but those approved at Senate are added to the University’s list of proposed honorary degree recipients for all Convocations at which an honorary degree is to be awarded, and the President will select recipients from the list.

Nominations can be submitted throughout the year, but are encouraged now so they can be considered for Convocations taking place this year.

For nomination forms and further information, visit the honorary degrees section of the University Secretariat website or contact the Office of the University Secretariat at

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