Update from the Advisory Committee on the Dean, Goodman School of Business

The review process for Professor Andrew Gaudes’ first term as Dean of the Goodman School of Business was launched last spring. The Advisory Committee followed the established process and ultimately recommended that Dean Gaudes not be re-appointed for a second term. In keeping with respect for our approved collegial processes, I have accepted that recommendation.

I want to recognize Dean Gaudes’ leadership at Goodman over the last five years. Under his leadership, the Goodman School of Business has secured and built new partnerships and relationships locally, nationally, and abroad; solidified its reputation and standing with students; further developed and expanded its research activities; and earned new and prestigious designations and accreditations.

I appreciate the service that Dean Gaudes has provided to the University throughout his term. I wish him the best as he moves forward to the next stage in his career.

Dean Gaudes will serve the remainder of his term until June 30, 2022. The Advisory Committee will begin searching for a new Dean in the coming months.

Please join with me in thanking Dean Gaudes for his leadership over the past five years.

Categories: November 2021