Surplus cardboard or box board should be flattened and placed inside the Modern cardboard recycling bins located outside at the following locations:

  • Tower loading dock
  • DeCew dining hall
  • Walker Complex – across from tennis courts
  • Campus Store loading dock
  • Lowenberger dining hall
  • Shipping and Receiving area in Mackenzie Chown G-Block

Do not leave boxes in the halls. If you are in an office area, however, you may leave your flattened cardboard or box board beside or on top of the recycling receptacles on your floor and a member of the Custodial Services’ unit will collect it at some point in the day.


  • bristol board
  • construction paper
  • file folders
  • tissue boxes
  • cereal boxes
  • shoe boxes
  • corrugated cardboard
  • tubes from paper towels


  • paper cups and plates
  • napkins and tissue

“New green initiative
handles Brock’s several tons of
cardboard a week”

new cardboard baler at Brock

Brock generates more than 358,000 kg of cardboard every year, and now there’s a more efficient way to get rid of it…


  • The University produces approximately 357,000 kgs of cardboard yearly
  • Custodial Services, Sodexo and the Campus Store generate and handle cardboard on campus
  • Custodial Services employees are trained to bale cardboard
  • It’s anticipated that during the school year two to three bales of cardboard will be generated daily

Savings/Revenue of using leased bailer

  • Yearly operating costs savings of $9,500
  • Waste hauler Bins Yearly Revenue $18,000

Download the Brock University cardboard recycling flyer.

In the fall of 2011, the University and Cascade Recovery Inc., entered into an agreement to provide Cascade Recovery with baled cardboard in exchange for revenue.

As a subsidiary of Cascades, Cascades Recovery acts as an integral part of Cascades’ process of turning discarded materials into new products. The majority of the cardboard collected is processed at their refinery and turned into recycled content products sold to consumers.

This revenue generating venture also afforded the university savings to its operating budget for the contracted services of cardboard waste bins.

A new leased baler was installed at the Arthur Schmon Tower loading dock in November 2011; the baler weighs 4,300 lbs and can produce bales of cardboard weighing 700lbs. The bales are stored behind Parking Lot “V” and Cascade collects them on a weekly basis.

Corrugated cardboard boxes can be reused for shipments when appropriate within departments.