Brock University offers recycling bins for a variety of items. You will find recycling locations across campus both indoors and out. All indoor bins are labelled and can be found in all food service areas, hallways and a number of offices. To learn more about recycling and waste management, visit our Waste Diversion at Brock page.

For more information on how Brock University is recycling, please use the menu below.

For more information on how Brock is composting, please see organic waste disposal. Organic waste disposal is the process of taking organic items that can naturally decompose to an environment or site where it can then be composted, keeping it from ending in landfills.

It is our hope that individuals help us recycle by placing materials in their correct bins. Facilities Management provides and services recycling containers and garbage containers outside with a dual stream system in every outdoor garbage location, and in some cases, a three stream system is available.

Click on the images below to download the recycling guideline posters:

Blue Box

Grey Box

Green Box

Here are some of the recycling bins in Guernsey Market, which are located next to the conveyor belt across from the microwaves.

The image below showcases the recycling and waste bins to look for around campus outdoors!

The images below showcase the different recycling bins to look for around campus indoors!