Experiential learning

Experiential learning is an umbrella term used to describe learning that comes from active involvement in the learning experience – learning by doing.

Reflective practice (reflecting on the experience) is an integral part of experiential learning. There are a number of experiential learning opportunities in Child and Youth Studies.

This is a required course for all CHYS majors (single and combined) as well as all Concurrent Education majors. Student provide service to the community by assisting in a local school/classroom or by volunteering with a local community agency while completing course modules online.

In CHYS 2P15, the ‘service’ is integrated with the ‘learning’ by way of the on-line course modules, which include an array of assignments.

CHYS 3F92 is a senior placement course that introduces students to the multidisciplinary challenges associated with program design and implementation in the context of the larger service system.

It includes 36 hours of class time and 50 hours of placement in a community school or agency. The 50 hours of placement consists of a CHYS 3F92 student working under the supervision of a school/agency professional in designing and implementing an individual program for a child/youth with an identified exceptionality. CHYS 3F92 provides students with an opportunity to further their knowledge in this area of study and also gain hands on experience.

Students complete their placement hours in, for example, the areas of:

  • learning differences
  • developmental/intellectual disabilities
  • mental health
  • behaviour
  • speech and language

In CHYS 3P93 the experiential learning hours are integrated into the classroom hours. Students will spend most of the course time in the classroom and some of the course time supporting a child or youth. The experiential learning hours are on campus (the families come to Brock) as opposed to off campus.

CHYS 3Q98 is an international service-learning course with a field placement in Namibia. Students attend class at Brock during March and April, and then complete a field placement in Namibia for approximately three weeks. Students work with children and youth in after school programs in and around Katurtura, Namibia.

CHYS 3Q98 is not offered every year, and is contingent upon funding.

The Applied Research Project is an Honours option for CHYS majors (single or combined) with a minimum of 14 overall credits, approval to Year 4 (honours), and permission of the Department. The number of hours the students spend in the community/field varies according to the project. An approximate range is from 25 to 60. 

The pending Applied Research Projects that students can apply to can be found here.