Residence fees

Residence fees for Brock Suites (upper year residence) can be found on the Brock Suites website.

A residence meal plan is mandatory for all students living in residence (not including Brock Suites).  Learn more.

January Arrivals

New students moving into residence at the beginning of Winter term (move in day is after 12pm (noon) on Sunday, January 3, 2021) will be charged 50% of the fees listed below.

Residence fees for 2021-22*

*Please note that these are proposed fees and are subject to change until approved. The default meal plan is displayed (7- Day Plan). Meal plans displayed as are the default plan for the particular accommodation style. For a full list of meal plan options click here

Residence StyleRoom feesRoom feesDefault Meal plans*Total
TraditionalDeCew double $7,870$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$13,120
DeCew single$8,670$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$13,920
Semi-SuiteEarp single$9,170$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$14,420
Lowenberger double$8,370$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$13,620
Lowenberger single$9,170$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$14,420
Vallee single$9,170$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$14,420
Residence 8 single$9,170$5,250 (7-day All-Access)$14,420
TownhouseQuarry View single$9,250$4900 (5-day All-Access)$14,150
Village double$7,970$4,900 (5-day All-Access)$12,870
Village single$9,170$4,900 (5-day All-Access)$14,070
SuiteLofts 9 single$9,250$4,900 (5-day All-Access)$14,150

Residence room fees include furnishings, utilities and wireless network connections.


Students are required to have their own contents insurance, if you do not have insurance you will be automatically signed up for a plan at your expense.  Learn more.

Meal Plan Information

For 2021-22, a residence meal plan is mandatory for all students living in residence (not including Brock Suites).  7-Day All-Access dining is applicable for all residences with the exception of townhouse-style residence where the 5-Day All-Access dining is the minimum plan and is valid Monday to Friday.  This plan can be upgraded to 7-Day All-Access if desired.   Learn more about meal plans.

Additional information

For more information about meal plans and food services on campus, please visit Brock Dining Services.
For more information about flex dollars, please visit the Brock Card site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments are due according to our published dates. Unfortunately extensions are not granted. That being said, students who are experiencing financial difficulties should contact:

Visit the Finance Department website for more information on how to make this payment.

Visit these pages if you are cancelling or withdrawing early before move-in or after move-in.

Your residence agreement outlines these in detail.

Students must pay a $600-application fee when they apply in order for their application to be processed. If the student lives in residence for that year, the $600 will be taken off their final residence fee payment. The next payment is the first instalment, which is due August 16. The remaining residence fees will be due in September with tuition fees.

Because online banking and wire transfers often take a few business days to be received, your best option would be to bring a cheque to campus.  ***DUE TO COVID-19 BRINGING A CHEQUE TO CAMPUS IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.***

You can pay your first installment fee using the methods of payment accepted by Brock.

The first installment fee is for residence and your meal plan. The meal plan is mandatory for all residences and has automatically been added to the first installment amount.

No, OSAP will not be in your account until September. That’s why we have a reduced first installment. OSAP rarely covers 100 percent of your university fees so you have to make this payment on your own.

Students who do not make a first instalment payment will be subject to interest charges and may have their residence room offer revoked.

Yes, you can. You can check your financial history by going to the Applicant and Student Self Serve tab on the Brock Portal. When your payment is received, you will see the credit, which will show as ($600) on your student account. Please note: university charges to your account will appear as debits.

All residence fees must be paid to Brock University’s Finance Department. View our payment options.  In addition, students may visit Brock Central during posted office hours to make payments.

No, Brock does not accept payment by credit card.

Please visit Student Awards and Financial Aid. You can use the Fee Estimator to determine costs associated with a year at university.

If you have a confirmed OSAP assessment for more than $12,000 then you qualify for the $2,000-reduced first instalment. Your finance history and fee calculator will not be updated to reflect this amount if the assessment comes in after we have loaded the first assessment charges. We will work with Student Awards and Financial Aid as well as the Finance office to ensure qualified students are not charged interest for paying the reduced amount.

Absolutely. Any credits on your student account, including entrance scholarships and awards, can be put toward your first instalment payment.

The consequences of a missed payment will depend on which payment is missed, how much you owe on your student account overall, and time of the year. The Finance Department outlines potential consequences of overdue accounts.