Payment for residence

Application fee (Payment 1 of 3)

You will need to pay a $600-application fee to complete your residence application. Payments for Brock Suites are due immediately and for all other applications they are due on June 1, 2023.  Preferred methods of payment are available from the Finance Department.  We will process applications when we receive the application fee, but we will give priority in the assigning process to those who meet our deadline. We strongly recommend that you keep a copy of payment confirmation. Please print a copy of the confirmation screen if you are paying by online banking, or keep the deposit slip if you pay at your bank.

Should you live in residence for the full year, the $600 application fee will be applied to your residence fees. Please refer to our cancellation and refunds process for cancelling your application prior to move-in day. Students who withdraw from residence during the academic year are subject to our early withdrawal process.

First installment (Payment 2 of 3)

Due on the first day of classes, September 6, 2023.

Please see the cancelling before move-in page for details on cancelling residence after the first installment deadline.

There is no first installment payment for Brock Suites.

Final installment (Payment 3 of 3)

Due on the first day of classes in January 7, 2024.

Each student is responsible to monitor their financial history to identify charges that have been put on their student account, and to ensure payments they’ve made are received. Check by logging onto the Brock portal.

Winter Break fee

There will be a charge of $250 per week, or for any part thereof when students stay in residence over the Winter Break. For more details please view our Winter Break Closure information.

Early withdrawal from residence

Learn more about early withdrawal from residence.

Other residence fees

Occasionally students may be subject to additional residence charges, including:

  • $5 admin fee for damage charges under a certain dollar amount.
  • $100 administration fee for a late departure at the end of term. Students must depart by noon the day after their last exam.
  • $50 administration fee for submitting a late extended stay request.

All charges related to damages and improper check-outs in our end of term notice.

Income tax

Residences are on tax-exempt land. Therefore students are not charged taxes on residence fees. This means that residence fees cannot be claimed as rent payments on income tax returns. The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year (with no receipt necessary), as directed by the Ontario government. For more information, view Property and sales tax regulations. The University does not issue tax receipts for residence fees. Complete financial statements are available in your financial history on the Brock Portal. The current year’s charges are displayed by default, but you can enter an earlier date to see charges and payments for earlier years.