Brock Residence Contents and Liability Package Policy

Students are responsible for insuring your own belongings. Brock University is NOT responsible or liable (directly or indirectly) for their belongings should they become damaged or if they are stolen. Content insurance is insurance that pays for damage to, or loss of, an individual’s possessions while they are located within that individual’s  home.  As per the Residence Agreement, students are required to have contents insurance. In August students will be billed for insurance for the fall term. Students who have their own insurance may opt out of this insurance plan by completing the online form indicating their policy information and the fee will be removed from their account, otherwise students will be enrolled in the insurance program facilitated by an insurer for Brock.

Select the academic year that applies for specific rates and information.

Brock University is committed the safety of all students, faculty, staff, the surrounding community, and the University’s property.

As a student living in a Brock University Residence, you are required to maintain tenant insurance.

As stated in Brock’s 2023-24 Brock University Residence Agreement;

“8.7. Insurance: The University assumes no liability, directly or indirectly, for loss or theft of personal property, including food, or for damage or destruction of such property by fire, water or other causes (e.g. loss of utilities). You are required to obtain personal insurance against such losses and provide proof of insurance. Unless you provide satisfactory proof of insurance to the University prior to move-in, you will be enrolled in the University’s residence contents insurance program and be required to pay the applicable rates set out at:

For the benefit of Brock’s student residents, a Student Tenants Insurance Program for students has been developed, in an effort to ensure ALL RESIDENTS, and the University, are protected. The program is administered by Marsh Canada Limited, managed by Excess Underwriting.

Should you have alternate insurance coverage in place from another provider (i.e. parent/guardian’s homeowners, condominium or tenants insurance policy) and wish to opt-out of the University recommended program, please complete the Brock University Tenant Insurance Program Opt-Out Request Form.


Students who do not submit a request to opt-out by September 15, 2023 will automatically be enrolled in the program for the Fall and Winter terms at a total charge of $86.40 ($80 + PST)*. This non-refundable charge will be applied to the student’s financial account.

The cost for the Spring/Summer term is $45.90 ($42.50 + PST).  The opt-out date is May 15, 2024.

*Single term residence students will be enrolled at a total charge of $45.90 ($42.50 + PST)

For more information about the program, please contact:

Marsh Canada Limited

p 1 800 665 0765



Benefits for Residence Students


1. Voluntary Participation – Students have the option to “opt-out” of the program provided they have alternate insurance coverage in place — for example they have purchased their own policy or are covered under their parents’ Homeowners policy. Students who wish to opt-out of the Tenants Insurance Program provided by the university must declare their intention to do so no later than September 15, 2023. Students who do not opt-out by this date will be automatically enrolled in the program.

2. Peace of Mind – By participating in the program, students will receive the following insurance coverage:

  • Contents $10,000 – “All Risks” coverage on a replacement cost basis – $500 deductible.
  • Additional Living Expenses $2,500.
  • Personal Liability $1,000,000.

3. Additional Living Expenses – While some Homeowners policies may extend Contents and Personal Liability coverage for students who are temporarily living away from home to attend university or college, Additional Living Expenses are not typically extended to third party locations. As a result, in the event of a claim where a student has to move out of their room while damages are being repaired, students should not rely on their parents’ Homeowners policy to provide coverage for any additional costs. Additional Living Expenses up to $2,500 are covered under this program.

4. Program Coverage is Primary – Where a student has elected to purchase the insurance offered by the university and they are also covered by another policy such as their parents’ Homeowners policy, the coverage provided by this program is primary. In the event of a claim:

  1. Coverage provided by any other policy would be secondary and would only be called upon to respond if the limits of coverage provided under this program were exhausted.
  2. Your parents would not lose the “Claims Free Discount” on their Homeowners policy which is likely greater than the annual premium charged for the coverage provided under this program.

5. $500 Deductible – Most homeowners carry a $1,000 deductible or greater on their Homeowners policy. As a result, smaller claims are more likely to be covered under the Program policy due to the lower deductible.

6. Competitive Rates – The annual premium of $90.40 ($80 + tax) per student is more affordable than similar policies offered by many insurance companies that charge up to $250. Please note that the premium charged for coverage provided under this program will be included in the university residence fees unless a student elects to “opt-out.”

Brock University protects your privacy and your Personal Information. The Personal Information requested on this form is collected under the authority of The Brock University Act, 1964, and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). The information will be used for insurance approval purposes. Direct any questions about this collection to University Risk Management & Insurance Services by emailing