DART graduate to receive the President’s Surgite Award

DART alumna Roxolana (Rox) Chwaluk was recently selected to receive the President’s Surgite Award at her Masters degree convocation in the autumn of 2013.

The President’s Surgite Award recognizes those students who have been outstanding in one or more of the following areas:

  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership in a student club, organization, association or team.
  • Did something exceptional that helped to advance Brock’s academic reputation.
  • Made a significant contribution to student life at Brock.
  • Provided a valuable service to Brock or the broader community.

Rox remarked that “the foundation that I had as a DART (Dramatic Arts) student was essential to my success. I have always been grateful for the opportunities I was provided to engage with my peers and the community. The professors who inspired me also grounded my work.”

Rox graduated with a BA Honours in Dramatic Arts First-Class Standing in 2009, her Bachelor of Education Preservice Education – Intermediate Senior in 2010, and will graduate with her Master of Education (Social and Cultural Contexts of Education) in the autumn of 2013.

congratulations to you, Rox!

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